Oromidayo Balogun join the Ikosi Isheri Council Chairmanship seat race, looking at the age range of other aspirants Oromidayo is the youngest, he is coming with a fresh blood.

Oromidayo Balogun declares to run for the Ikosi Isheri Council Chairmanship seat, which his manifesto is titled “My Bond with Ikosi-Isheri”.

With the acknowledgement of your inalienable rights to the basic
social amenities of life as enshrined in the 1999 Constitution as
amended, I pledge to help provide for the people their collective
needs which in the present dispensation is called “DIVIDENDS OF
DEMOCRACY”, so help me God.
Secondly, with a determination and commitment to the welfare,
unity and progress of our people, my principal goal is to improve the
living standard of the residents of Ikosi-Isheri LCDA so that their
physical, material and spiritual welfare could be guaranteed.
Therefore, the highlights of my “eight cardinal programmes” for the
people of Ikosi-Isheri LCDA are articulated as follows:

There is an adage that says “Health is Wealth”. So when I get your
mandate, I shall establish modern Health Care Centers at strategic
locations within the LCDA and rehabilitate the existing ones. Also, I
shall attach importance to the environmental sanitation scheme

through enforcement of routine cleaning of the environment by
residents, shop owners, marketers, religious institutions, etc.
Also, there shall be provisions and maintenance of public toilets at
strategic locations and constant removal of public refuse in concert
with Lagos State Waste Management Agency (LAWMA).
There shall be introduction of 24 Hours Ambulance Service with
Medical Officers manning the project. This will be deemed necessary
especially for the lower class citizens who may not have access to
vehicles during emergency situations like accidents, child labour etc.
A toll-free call helpline will be provided and propagated to all
residents for the ambulance service.
My health programme shall equally give priority to the provision of
PIPE BORNE WATER for the benefits of the citizens since “Water is
Life” while drugs will be made available at affordable costs. My
administration will ensure that our medical facilities are updated as
at when due.
As regards stress management measures, my administration shall
provide recreational centres for relaxation, indoor and outdoor
fitness centres, with free Wi-Fi Connection.

The educational standard in Ikosi-Isheri LCDA shall be developed
rapidly with provision of subsidized learning materials such as Text
Books, Note Books, writing materials and classroom equipments. I
shall also rehabilitate dilapidated school structures so as to ensure a
conducive environment for learning. Our teachers will also be
provided with the necessary materials needed to give our children
the best teaching.
At the same time, I am prepared to ensure that Ikosi-Isheri LCDA
excel in the area of Education by establishing standard and
functional libraries equipped with computers with internet in each of
the government-owned schools in the LCDA.
Moreover, in order to assist parents and encourage education, I shall
accept as my responsibility to as many as we can, pay the WAEC,
NECO and JAMB fees annually for the students of the secondary
schools in Ikosi-Isheri LCDA. I shall also make provision for Bursary
Awards to excellent indigenous students in Tertiary Institutions.

It has been observed that the road network in Ikosi-Isheri LCDA needs
more attention. Hence, I am poised for action to improve the
condition of our roads for the benefit of all and sundry.
New roads will be constructed with drainges, while existing roads
will be rehabilitated routinely. I shall ensure that street lights are
erected on our major roads in order to enhance the security of the

I promise the esteemed people of Ikosi-Isheri LCDA an effective
transportation system across the locality plus traffic control network
that will stand the test of time. I shall create a traffic management
outfit saddled with a mandate to ensure a smooth flow of vehicular
movement at traffic prone areas within the LCDA. Our youths will be
employed and deployed for this purpose. Moreso, I shall establish a
public-private partnership transit scheme wherein the council will
procure commercial shuttle buses for commuters within the LCDA
and also attract investors to partner with LCDA and make their
profits. My objective here is to create jobs for the youths.
In addition, in order to further ensure a smooth and organized traffic
flow within the LCDA, link roads that perpetually causes traffic logjam will be made a one-way while alternative routes will be
created where necessary. There will be signages, traffic lights etc. to
enhance our traffic system.

Attention shall be given to the rehabilitation of the existing markets
and the provision of additional night markets, fencing existing
markets where necessary and provision of electricity, toilets and pipe
borne water in the markets. As way a alleviating the problems of our
womenfolk, my administration intends to establish Aso-Oke weaving
centres at Mile 12, Jakande and Isheri-Olowoira markets for training
women and provision of soft loans for the scheme.
Regular consultation meetings will be held to listen to and find
solutions to the problems of our womenfolk. Furthermore, I shall
strive to identify the main business of ikosi-Isheri indigenes which I
can promote so as to give them economic empowerment, probably
to organize a Mini Trade fair annually to promote trading.

6. JOB OPPORTUNITIES AND SPORTING ACTIVITIES regards to the employment of the unemployed, I shall harness the vast human and material resources in the local government area for the benefit of the entire citizenry, through Special Skill Acquisition Programmes for the youths, and Women Empowerment
Programmes. There shall be provision of an ICT center where our
youths will be afforded the opportunity to acquire basic knowledge
and certifications on Database Managements, Communication
Technologies, including the Internet, Wireless Networks, Cell Phones,
Computers, Software, Middleware, Video Conferencing, Social
Networking and other Media Application and Services. This is
deemed necessary because of the fact that the ICT strategy is now a
powerful tool for economic and social development.
As regardsthe sporting events for the youths, I shall encourage Sport
Competitions from time to time among the youths.

It is regrettable that little attention is being paid to the welfare of
our Traditional Rulers, Community Development Associations,
Community Development Committees, Artisans, Transport Unions,

Youth and Student Associations, Religious institutions and the
Physically Challenged. These interest groups form a quintessential
basis of the link between the LCDA and the grassroots people.
Therefore, I shall make them indirectly part of the governing process
via Constant Engagements, Stakeholders’ Community Feedback
Meetings, Press Conferences, amongst other things. Special
attention will be given to the welfare of the Physically Challenged
people. They will be significantly included in our empowerment
programmes. My administration will accord greater recognition to
the welfare and improvement of the living standards of our Obas and
Baales and provide them with vehicles for mobility. Efforts shall
equally be made to recommend some of them already overdue for

Security of lives and properties shall be given adequate attention by
God’s grace In conclusion, with God on my side, all promises mentioned above
shall be fulfilled and I shall not let you down if given the mandate.
Honestly, this is the bond between my humble self and the
electorates in Ikosi-Isheri LCDA. So help me God.

God bless the Federal Republic Of Nigeria!
God bless Lagos State!
God bless Ikosi-Isheri LCDA!

(The Maestro)
Chairmanship Aspirant, Ikosi-Isheri LCDA.

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