With a heart filled with joy and gratitude to the almighty God, I wish to welcome pupils, students, teachers and proprietors and all stakeholders back to school for the 3rd term 2020/2021 academic session in the calendar of our dear Lagos state.

I sincerely hope we all had a great holiday, although not a very long one but I think the two weeks we had is enough for us to rejuvenate and refresh if truly we made the most of it. I wish to felicitate with our Muslim brothers and sisters for their steadfastness and spiritual upliftment in the holy month of Ramadan, may every of our good deed be accepted by almighty Allah.

As the third term 2020/2021 academic session begins officially in Lagos state, we thank God the upsurge of the dreaded COVID’19 pandemic curve is getting flattened. However, thankful that Lagos state government has been doing a lot to contain and manage the scourge of the novel disease in a manner that would allow us continue with our normal academic calendar without further disruption. I want to urge every stakeholder in our dear Lagos state to ensure all hands are on deck to forestall the incidences of another lockdown through our carelessness in the management of the global pandemic. Proprietors of schools should please ensure all COVID’19 protocols are strictly adhered to in compliance with the guidelines of Lagos state government.

I wish to seize this opportunity to remind every teaching staff of a quote by Jeannett Walls – “Teaching is a calling and I have always thought teachers are angels-leading their flocks out of the darkness”. In consonance with this quote, I wish to remind us that we are indeed angels leading our flocks (pupils and students) out of darkness. We are the teachers of Presidents, Governors, Lawyers, Doctors etc. We educate the society. We are the light. We are special. Let us continue to put in our best in every capacity. There is no action of good deed that will not be rewarded. Our efforts, sleepless night burning candles, writing lesson notes and instilling morals in our younger ones is indeed a good deed and thus not a waste. The reward is here in this world and in the hereafter.

Furthermore, I think it is instructive to add that the safety of our schools have become of paramount interest in the wake of all the security challenges currently plaguing our country. It is better to be pragmatic than for the name of the school to be in the news for anything untoward. I want to plead that we look critically into our security architecture to be sure there are no loopholes especially from our logistics such as the security men, school fence etc.

I wish to reiterate that my door is open to everyone. Please feel free to call my attention or any of the state executive members to any budding issues in your jurisdiction that is of urgent concern. I assure you of our swift response and that such observation/complaint shall be treated with utmost confidentiality and in good time. May we all live to reap from where we have sown.

Finally, let me once again welcome you back to school for the third term academic session. Lagos state is the centre of excellence. Let the excellence be the bedrock of every of our activities this term and beyond.

Thank you and God bless.

Alhaji M.T Amusa
State President
NAPPS, Lagos State.

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