The presence of light they say eliminates darkness and scares out negativity to a larger extent. This is why Hon Balogun Rotimi Olatunbosun (BRO) from Ikorodu North has began a project titled ‘Light Is Life’ Initiative, which is meant to support streets across Ikorodu Division with constant power supplies.

With aims to reduce the level of Insecurities, The projects is poised to be an added advantage for night watchers and vigilante groups at night to keep close tabs on street Activities.

According to the Real Estate businessman, The project is a 3month interval Initiative to support Different Communities across Ikorodu Division with solar street lights in the absence of normal electrical power supplies.

“I have always thought of the need to help my society in different ways, This is one of them, Providing adequate power supplies to help our Security Personnels at night and also making our streets beautiful and accessible” Hon Balogun Rotimi Olatunbosun

“I intend to continue with this project which we have just started in Eruwen, We shall pick another Community around Ikorodu that is in need of street light and do likewise as time goes on”

“Supporting my community is actually something I love doing and ‘Light Is Life’ Initiative is just another way I have decided to Contribute my own quarter to the growth and development of Ikorodu Division, We won’t stop doing it” Hon Balogun Rotimi Added

The Real Estate businessman stated in the next phase of ‘Light Is Life’ Initiative he would also support the community with Clean Up materials in addition to the street light Installations.

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