Greetings to the gentlemen of the press, the honorable ambassador Lagos YAN, Our National Leaders of youth Assembly of Nigeria, coordinators from all the 57 local government and LCDAs of Lagos State.

YAN is an organization fully represented in all 36 states and Fct Abuja with all their principal officer and coordinators for all the local government and ward level respectively, we are big family in Nigeria, the organization is interesting to the extent that when one is in problem, all are involve, but we prayed that no one will be in problem amongst us.

Today is another historical day in Lagos State, a day that cannot be forgotten easily in the state where the Youth Assembly of Nigeria Lagos State chapter conducted a credible election that has stay long and overdue, indeed God’s time is the best such that no human can stop what God had proposed.

Truly this isn’t time for jubilation or merriment cos much has been given to us and definitely much will be expected in return from our constituents.

Mahatma Ghandhi once posited a journey of a million miles begin with a step and coupled with the established victory wr had, this made us to take this first step to address the press and the general public.

We are not jubilating not because we are not happy but because of the task ahead of us, our determination and promises made to be a good image of the organization and Lagos State as a whole has kept us close to our strategies.

A Latin word says Nemo quad non abet, meaning you can’t give what you don’t have, we are ready to give out what we have, to develop and promote youth capacity in Nigeria and in particular Lagos State through our organization where we have one or two approaches which are:

1) Sensitization, our organization shall embark on Sensitization that will be across the whole Lagos State since we have our coordinators in the 57 LCDA this will make it easier to reach out to our youth who are not deformed, furthermore it will be targeted to shun violence, cultism or other social vices that may cause disruption or destruction in Lagos statein particular.

2) EMPOWERMENT we shall seek empowerment for our youth that are reformded to be gainfully employed and become prodigy and good ambassador of our organisation, Government, reputable people in the society and other organizations or individual who will be willing to see the development of the youth in our surroundings in the state.

All these are achievable in explicitly and we are ready to work together with all necessary stakeholders to attain these and more we intend to achieve.

I RT Hon Speaker, Nunayon Oluwatobi Agboton is ready to work effectively with other principal officers to take YAN and youth in our constituency to the brim amidst alot of promises that have been made and by God’s grace we shall deliver them all.

Our team shall have a working relationship with the government to achieve our intentions and a new face for Lagos, truly we know the youth are the leaders of today and not tomorrow as posited, but we are ready to take charge, due to the whole kit and caboodle, also the needful for our today to be impactful before tomorrow cos tomorrow might never come. So we use this medium to implore the Lagos State executive to cooperate with us, support us in promoting the Youth Assembly of Nigeria and Lagos State.

Lastly, I want all Progressive youth willing to join the organization to reach out to us through our coordinators across the local government and most definitely you will not regret joining us.

Once again we say thank you to all.

Agboton Nunayon Oluwatobi.

Rt, Hon Speaker Elect
Youth Assembly of Nigeria.
Lagos State Chapter.
28th of February 2021.

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