The 12th Edition of Gafaar Bolowotan Gold Cup ~Ajasa-Info

12th Bolowotan Football competition, held at Police Baracks Igbogbo, Ikorodu, Lagos.

The game is between Unizee FC Vs FA Victory the both teams make it to the Gafaar Bolowotan Gold Cup final.

FA Victory of Elepe defeats Unizee FC of Imota to 3 goals to 2, before the commencement of the match a minutes silent was observed for a sport enthusiast Chief Adebowale Ogunade alias Big Debo.

Early hours of the day a under 17 competition has been played in honour of Sheikh Sefiudeen Oloworibi the Grand Chief Imam of Ikorodu Central Mosque.

The finalist are Ayomiposi FC and Aplace FC, Aplace FC defeats Ayomiposi FC by 5 goals to nothing.

The 1st Sefiudeen Oloworibi cup, winner Aplace FC got 100, 000 as cash price with gold medals, while Ayomiposi FC got silver medal with cash price of 70,000, the third place got 50, 000 cash price.

The 12th Gafaar Bolowotan Gold cup the winner FA Victory Elepe got 200, 000 cash price, while Ayomiposi FC got 150,000 cash price, the place got 100,000 cash price.

Highest goal scorer U-17- Faniyan Ojijiola with of Aultimate Villa 4 goals

Akinola Taye of Ayomiposi FC- Best goalkeeper

Warris Lawal of Ablaze FC- Most Valuable Player

The officiating refree of the tournament are the two FIFA badged refree, they are both from Ikorodu Division. Mr. Jelili Ogunmuyiwa and Ms. Yemisi Akintoye

Speaking about Big Debo according to Mr. Hakeem owner of G12 FC he said Big Debo was a calm person and has respect for all no matter your age.

He also explained why Hon. Toyin Gafaar was emotional he said Hon. Toyin Gafaar was the person that bring in Big Debo into the Sport business. and they are bossom friend.

While Hakeem was addressing the journalist he said this kind of competition is used to discover talents in the localty having watched the match he has seen young chap that will do absolutely well at the Nigeria Football Federation, he said if the parents of the children would allow him that he will take charge of their football carrier to the next level.

Reacting to one of the question Mr. Hakeem said he has lots of young chap from his football team, of which one of them is currently in the Under 17 of the Nigeria Super Eaglet.

The Sponsor of the tournament Hon. Toyin Gafaar DG Lagos State Sports Commission, promised that the tournament shall continue, and they will keep discovering more talents in Ikorodu Division and Lagos State.

During an interview with The chief Imam of Ikorodu, he said being the first competition that it will never stop in this first, more is still coming, he said they are lots of younger ones that are roaming the streets of which they are very talented, they needs to be discovered and take them to the world of football, they shall bring glory back to Ikorodu, Lagos and Nigeria at large, as Asisat Oshoala is making us proud in the diaspora.

The boths tournament has important personalities present sport enthusiast in Ikorodu, Lagos, and Nigeria.

The former Chairman of Igbogbo/Baiyeku LCDA Hon. Ogunmuyiwa, party leadership and well meaning personalities in the division.

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