Following all the controversial debates by members of the Lagos State House of Assembly on the proposed Lagos State Delineation Bill proposing the merger of Somolu and Kosofe Local Government Areas as part of Ikorodu Division of Lagos State, the National Youth Council of Nigeria, Forum of Coordinators in Ikorodu Division hereby present her views, contributions and positions on the proposed delineation bill as follow:

The proposed bill which enjoyed unprecedented and accelerated legislative action cumulating in both First and Second Reading of Bill in a single day on the floor of the House just as the Assembly resumed plenary after a short recess.

The forceful lumping of Somolu and Kosofe Local Government Areas of Lagos State from their initial ancestral home of Lagos Island and Ikeja Division respectively to be part of Ikorodu Division as proposed by this Bill cast a shadow on the true intentions of proponents of this obnoxious Bill. It is our view and position that without prejudice to the legislative powers and procedures of the State Assembly, this Delineation Bill is ill-conceived and should be “killed” so we don’t end up creating more problems while trying to solve one problem especially a matter that bothers merging people who have nothing in common historically, culturally and traditionally. For instance, the people of Ikorodu Division are typically Ijebus while the people of Kosofe area are regarded to as Aworis.

The Delineation Bill also proposed movement of Eti-Osa from Lagos Island Division to Epe Division, Alimosho Local Government be excised from Ikeja to Badagry division. These provisions have made it obvious that sponsors of this controversial bill are certainly not fully informed and aware of the history, culture, and heritage of people of the state.

It is interesting to note that the administrative divisions of Lagos State namely: Ikeja, Badagry, Ikorodu, Lagos Island and Epe with the acronym IBILE, and its components make Lagos unique and special. This is the basis of the peaceful coexistence of the original people of Lagos and its settlers at creation in 1967. This is a careful example of a people united in diversity.

It is against this background that the National Youth Council of Nigeria, Forum of Coordinators in Ikorodu Division which serve as the umbrella body for all the youth organizations in entire division as enshrined in the National Youth Policy and Lagos State Youth Policy with over 120 affiliated Youth Organisations/Clubs and Voluntary Youth Organizations across the six LG/LCDAs and over one million youths in Ikorodu Division hereby kicked against this propose Delineation Bill that seek to readjust the five traditional administrative divisions in the State – IBILE, and further describe such movement as forced marriage without consexual agreement between the areas involved.

The Forum saddled with the responsibilities of advocating for the youths through provision of quality representation and promoting the interest of all the youths in the entire Ikorodu Division will continue to champion this objectives with utmost sincerity.

Comrade Abdulateef Omotayo Odusanya
Chairman, NYCN Forum of Coordinators, Ikorodu Division & Coordinator of Igbogbo/Bayeku LCDA.

Comrade Asoro Abubakri Olatunji
Secretary, NYCN Forum of Coordinators, Ikorodu Division & Coordinator of Ikorodu West LCDA

Comrade Folarin Awal Adegboyega
PRO, Forum of Local Branches Coordinators, NYCN, Lagos State Chapter; PRO, NYCN Forum of Coordinators in Ikorodu Division & Coordinator of Imota LCDA

Comrade Idris Bello
Secretary, Lagos East Forum of Coordinators & Coordinator of Ikorodu Ijede LCDA

Comrade Odusanya Omotayo Idris
Coordinator, Ikorodu Local Government Branch

Comrade Ganiu Nurudeen
Coordinator, Ikorodu North LCDA

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