Your relevancy, resourcefulness is the you in you and the Youthful element in you. Abstain from disruption, Lagos must be peaceful, we deserve to live in a peaceful coexistence.

Be a Youth that contribute meaningfully to the well-being, the development and growth of your immediate community. The success of community, State, and the Country should be our utmost priority. Be productive and jettison the habit of disruption.

Be kind and be safe!

Based on these, i convincingly opined to the vibrant quote of this great scholar, the great Martin Luther King Jnr who said and i quote;
”Hate is just as injurious to the hater as it is to the hated. Like an unchecked cancer, hate corrodes the personality and eats away its vital unity. Many of our inner conflicts are rooted in hate. This is why the psychiatrists say, “Love or perish.” Hate is too great a burden to bear”.
~ Martin Luther King Jr.

Let’s live in peace and unity.

This message is from the Chairman, Yoruba Afenifere Youth of Nigeria(YAYON), Lagos State.
Comr. Onifade Sodiq Ishola

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