The Lagos State Waterways Authority LASWA has again reiterated its commitment to all waterways users’ safety in the state.

In a statement issued over the weekend by the General Manager Lagos State Waterways Authority, Mr. Oluwadamilola Emmanuel said all boat Operators must adhere strictly to Night Travel restrictions placed on all ferry movement to avoid heavy sanctions.

Moreso, all ferry captains must ensure they have sufficient fuel in their tanks whenever they are embarking on any trip, even if it is a short travel distance.

The statement further reads; the Agency has noticed that some boats occasionally get stranded on the waterways due to Insufficient fuel. All boat operators must note that LASWA has an available fuel dump strategically located at the five cowrie’s terminal in falomo ikoyi, where boat operators can easily buy fuel while on the waterways hence there is no excuse for fuel shortage.

The GM lamented how some ferry Operators violate waterways regulations, thereby jeopardizing government effort to ensure safe navigation and safety of passengers on the waterways.

The GM directed all waterways users to wear a standard life jacket all the time as this will guarantee their safety.

He then warns all erring Operators to desist from violating the rules or risk stiff penalties and sanctions.

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