Let us with a glsdsome heart praise the lord for he is kind, for his mercies shall endure, ever faithful, ever sure.

The entire CWC members headed by Hon. Ogunbiyi Olatunde Davies aka Tuye returns all the glory back to God for his mercies and support for the successes recorded during the Team Faleke Youths Ward tour in support of Alhaja Kafayat Funmilayo Layeni (KFL) aspiration as the chairperson of OJODU LCDA 2021. May his name alone be praised forever.

Special thanks to our dear MHR, Ikeja Federal Constituency, our overall leader and mentor, Hon. James Abiodun Faleke, the Arole 1. We appreciate your timely and frequent words of encouragement, we thank you for your financial commitment and for the the trust bestowed on us to go ahead with the program, we cannot thank you enough. We pray that you shall continually be the head in Jesus name.

We want to thank our mummy, Alhaja Stella Olusola Kokumo, former sole administrator, ojodu lcda, current lcda women leader and the DG, Kafayat Funmilayo Layeni Campaign Organisation (KFLCO) AKA IYA OBA. Mummy we thank you ma, you’re a mother indeed, a kindhearted mother, your advice and ginger kept us going from the beginning to the end. All your efforts over us and over KFL shall not go in vain in Jesus name.

We appreciate Hon. Adedamola Richard Kasunmu, member LSHA, IKEJA 2. Thank you boss for your immense support towards the ward tour, your good deeds will never be forgotten in a hurry.

We appreciate Mr. Femi Awoseye, President, Crown Foundation. We love you sir because you first loved and supported our cause. Thank you sir.

We also say a massive thank you to all the Team Faleke Coordinators and their executives from Ward A to Ward F, you stayed behind us, you helped us, you showed us the way in planning and you also put your money where your mouth is. Thank you sirs, thank you mas, your efforts shall be highly rewarded mightily by God and by KFL in Jesus name.

We thank all the apex leaders and elders, your contributions were in no small measure, you took us in and showed us how to do it and that is why we succeeded, this success is dedicated to you sirs and MA’s and we acknowledged that we have learnt a lot from you and we appreciate you a lot.

To the MVPs; the MVPs are all the youths across the six wards that we invited and they showed up, with all the preparations and supports we the CWC members received; if you have failed to come out, the whole tour would have been a failure but for the fact that you came out in your numbers from Ward A to Ward F, we have returned to say thank you; you are our pride. You have all pledged to support KFL, you have all endorsed the candidacy of KFL, we say thank you, we have delivered all your messages and we promised that the incoming administration is the administration of youths. Our time has come.

We urge everyone on this train never to relent, for those who are yet to come on board, KFL’s arms are open wide, we bid you to come an let us move OJODU forward together nitori wipe AJUMOSE OUN NI AJUMOJE.

Finally, OJODU YOUTHS have spoken with one voice this time, as the majority, we have unanimously endorsed Alhaja Kafayat Funmilayo Layeni (KFL). By our movement, we have silenced every other aspirant and this is the final say.

We join our MHR to say; Funmi Layeni is our choice and Gods’ choice.

Under the leadership of Hon. Ogunbiyi Olatunde Davies aka Tuye, once again we say thank you and we hope to see you again in our subsequent programmes.


Mr. Oni
Secretary, Team Faleke Youths. OJODU LCDA

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