The General Manager, Lagos State Electricity Board, Engr. Mukhtaar Tijani, has restated the commitment of the Board to implement appropriate safety and health guidelines that will promote standard operational procedures.

Speaking at a virtual launch of the Office Health Safety Management System in the Agency, the General Manager explained that the Board is working towards achieving a structural health and safety management system that will reflect the 21st Century safety operational culture of the present administration.

According to the General Manager, LSEB is committed to the goal of providing and maintaining a healthy and safe work environment with a view to continuous improvement, adding that this goal is only achievable by adherence to established objectives, striving to exceed all obligations under applicable legislation and by fostering an enthusiastic commitment of LSEB personnel, contractors and visitors to a health and safety culture.

The General Manager disclosed that LSEB is an institution that executes and facilitates several electrical projects across the State, hence the Agency must build effort to enhance the establishment of a secure working environment.

He confirmed that compliance with safety standards should not be compromised as it is a key factor that motivates and improves the performance of workers, adding that regular discussions and review of safety of officers should be prioritised.

Disclosing that all concessionaires of public lighting maintenance will be mandated to adhere to safety procedures, Tijani added that the companies must also appoint safety officers who will be required to undergo safety training at the Lagos Energy Academy.

“Promoting health and safety etiquette in the workplace is a collective responsibility and as such, we expect all our stakeholders to support this effort towards providing a healthy and safe work environment on a day to day basis”, he added.

Engr. Tijani submitted that all contractors will be required to go through a safety programme with LSEB before the commencement of any project, stressing that they would also be responsible for the management of site risks, as they will be required to come up with a risk management report, including safety procedures necessary for the project execution.

He also advised contractors/concessionaires working at LSEB sites to ensure safety compliance at all times and insist that all their staff are well-kitted with adequate PPE such as helmets, safety boots, overall insulation gloves, safety belts etc.

In his remarks, the Head, Quality Control, Lagos State Electricity Board, Engr. Oyeyinka Oluwawunmi pointed out that the strategy is to promote a safe and healthy work environment for staff and partners of the Board.

He submitted that all staff of LSEB will also undergo training on occupational health and safety in workplaces to understand their duties as workers, including their rights and responsibilities, as well as what the law requires and the duty of the Board.

“In line with the established structure, quality control staff will be trained and certified as safety officers and equally be empowered to carry out necessary safety standards of the Board’s operation. Likewise, all engineers and technicians will be offered the best safety practices and project risk management”, Oluwawunmi disclosed.

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