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Year 2020 has been a year of mixed fortunes. Several unpalatable experiences such as
economic meltdown and recession as a result of the lockdown which shut down the
economy of the nation. These events were a consequence of the swift response of the
government to the global pandemic of Covid-19, the EndSars protest to mention a few.

There were awesome experiences, realizations of dreams, achievement of objectives and
new hopes to mention a few but in all we appreciate the Almighty God for seeing us

Through the grace of God, our organization was able to make tremendous success in
terms of Community service, Employment and Empowerment to youths of this great
division. All the achievements recorded in the year wouldn’t have been possible without
the efforts of our Board of Trustees, our mentors and also the dedicated executive

2020 Footprints
Activities of the year.

  1. Visitation to Board members
    We paid a courtesy visit to five board members with gifts of customized throw pillows as
    appreciation for their Love, time and support.
  2. Covid-19 Palliative Distribution
    During the lockdown, which extended between March 2020 and July 2020, as a result of
    the pandemic, Ms Abisola Olusanya, then Special Adviser on Agriculture and her ministry
    coupled with the intervention of some of our political office holders (Hon Babajimi
    Benson MFR, Hon SOB Agunbiade (Majority Leader of Lagos State House of Assembly),
    Hon Gafar Bolowotan, Hon Folashade Oba (Vice Chairperson of Ikorodu Local
    Government), we were able to visit over 300 Household and Covid-19 Palliative was
    shared to them all.
  3. Other programs
    We had the following Programs
    a). Monthly Platform Lecture
    Over 10 personalities were invited to speak on Our platform between January- December
  4. Topics treated were hinged mainly on issues pertaining to the youths emancipation
    and empowerment.

b). 2020 Youth Summit was successfully organized. It was a virtual summit on Zoom
with huge success which goes down in the history book as the first Virtual Youth Summit
in Ikorodu Division.

c) 2020 Ikorodu Division Youth Empowerment and Entrepreneurship Development
Workshop held in December 2020 where one hundred delegates were fully Sponsored by
Ms Abisola Olusanya (Hon Commissioner for Agriculture)

  1. Community service
    Donation of 500 facemasks to Lagos State through the Ministry of Agriculture to curb
    the spread of Covid-19. This was fully sponsored by the IDYI. This was done in the
    month of May of the year under review.

We were also actively involved in Sensitizing and educating the general public on the
danger and the necessary Covid-19 protocols with e-flye

  1. Employment
    Seventeen youths across all LCDA in this division were gainfully employed into the Lagos
    State Teaching Service commission. This feat was facilitated by Mr Leke Kara, a member
    of Lagos State Teaching service commission (TESCOM) and Hon. Dr Saheed Ibikunle, a
    member of State Universal Education Board (SUBEB). A further breakdown of this figure
    reflects that twelve youths (12) were employed into the Lagos State Teaching Service
    Commission (TESCOM) while and five (5) youths were employed by the State universal
    Basic Education Board.
  2. Empowerment
    a) Two Sewing machines, and a hair dryer was donated to three (3) young
    apprentice by Ms Abisola Olusanya ( Hon. Commissioner for Agriculture).
    b) Donation of 250 crates of Eggs was shared among five (5) Young Agro-allied
    entrepreneurs across the division. This was facilitated by Ms Abisola Olusanya (Hon.
    Commissioner for Agriculture.)
    c) 13 young entrepreneurs across the division were beneficiaries of Lagos coconut
    bread. This was also facilitated by Ms Abisola Olusanya (Hon. Commissioner for
    d) We presented two candidates for Sanwo – Olu care program anchored by The
    Ministry of Civil Engagement. This was facilitated by Ms Abisola Olusanya (Hon.
    Commissioner for Agriculture). one of the names we presented was a beneficiary.
    e) Three (3) Young entrepreneurs benefited to the tune of thirty thousand Naira
    (N30,000) in cash alongside the Empowerment Workshop training sponsored by Hon
    Babajimi Benson MFR.
    f) A Young widow benefited a sum of fifty thousand naira only (N50,000) from a
    widow’s program sponsored by Hon S.O.B Agunbiade.
    g) 10 youths were beneficiary of one million naira interest free loan facilitated by
    Pastor Bayo Oteju.
    h) Training of Ikorodu Youths in the LASG Agropreneur Training Programme: The
    executive council facilitated the provisional admission for two youths into the Lagos State
    Agriculture-Based Youth Empowerment Scheme (AGRIC-YES) training which lasted for
    one month.
    The training started on Sunday 16th of February, 2020 at Lagos State Agricultural
    Training Institute, Araga-Epe, Lagos.
  3. Projects
    Local Government Chairmen/Chairpersons Performance in Office: We conducted a Public
    opinion poll to ascertain the performance of our Local Government chairmen. The results
    will soon be released to the public.
  4. Education
    Free JAMB Form: A member of the executive council of this movement, Comrade
    Olamide Oloyede
    partnered with Comrade Jimoh Hamzat in doling out 6 free JAMB Forms to students
    across the division.
  5. On going projects
    a) Proposed Vocational training center at Etunrenren for Ikorodu Division Youths.
    b) Proposed website for the IDYI in progress by Our Media and publicity team
    c) We also plan to appreciate by presenting an award to few Public office holders who
    have distinguished themselves and as well the touched the lives of Ikorodu Division
    youths while riding on our platform.
  6. Our Target for Year 2021
    a) To get permanent Office Space for our correspondence and administrative work
    with one Full time staff.
    b) To get more support from private organizations (local and international) and
    private individuals.
    c) Realization of Etunrenren Vocational Training Centre. Conclusion
    From the records of our activities this year, we can confidently say that over 500 families
    were touched through our activities across Ikorodu Division with the support of Our
    Board, Executives and few Political Office Holders .
    In 2021, we hope to achieve more with other Shareholders most Especially on security,
    Employment, Empowerment, Community service and political Inclusions .
    Thank you all and God bless.

Comrade Olusola Sokoya Msc.
Board Secretary and Director of Administration
Ikorodu Division Youth Initiative.

On behalf of the BOT and Executive , I Wish us all Happy prosperous New Year.

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