Greatest Laspotians!!!

This is Dunni Thomas vying for the position of Public Relations Officer in the forthcoming Students’ Union elections.

A vote for Dunni Thomas is a vote for Proper information

A vote for Dunni Thomas is a vote for accountability

A vote for Dunni Thomas is a vote for confidence

A vote for Dunni Thomas is a vote for proper representation

It is time to ignite the excellent potentials in us that have been hidden for a while. DUNNI THOMAS is ready to display unique quality via effective communication to ensure the students of our great citadel of learning are outstanding conscientiously.

I wish to be your voice and only your votes can enable me do so.
If and when elected as your Public Relations Officer, I would:

-Ensure the presence of more notice boards(if need be) in strategic points on the campus.

-Introduce(if there isn’t) or maintain (if there is) E-platforms for better and prompt dissemination of information.

-Ensure that the rights of students are protected on and off campus by maintaining proper synergy between the Studentry and the management (student affairs department especially).

-Ensure prompt response to student agitations and conveying same to relevant authorities.

-Work with other union EXCO members to ensure safety and protection of students’ rights and privileges.

-Give students a voice.

-Work with the union and school authority in ensuring synergy between the school and the host community.

Vote for Dunni Thomas and you won’t be disappointed.

A vote for Dunni Thomas, is a vote for liberalism.

I remain my humble self, Thomas Oluwatoni Ibidunni
Dunni Thomas

Thank you Laspotians
God bless you.

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