Clean Teens and Youth InitiativesCTYI!!! I’m a Masterpiece! ~Ajasa-Info

CTYI was birthed in year 2018 with it first edition and till date it has since inspired many teenagers, youths and people which focuses on self-discovery and self love by empowering them mentally and emotionally.

It held it September monthly forum on Sunday 27th September, 2020. Tagged: THE BEAUTY IN YOU
The theme talks extensively on the need to understand true beauty for both gender, it lies beyond physical appearance as a lot of teenagers talks to CTYI about their trauma on how people body shame them which in turn affects their self esteem.

We talked about inner beauty and outer beauty but first letting them understand how to work on their mind about body shaming, we also encourage people to stop body shaming people around them because the effect is not a good experience. According to Research: “53% of 13 years old America girls are unhappy with their bodies. This grows to 78% by the time they are 17 years (Maine,Zal) “. There are greater potentials in every individual beyond physical appearance.

Inner beauty simply put is the attributes that makes up a person from the mind to the personality and characters while outer beauty is the look of a person from the outside which could be faked or enhanced. Note: Do not neglect to take care of your body.
Build your true beauty on these points

  • Love yourself first
  • Use positive affirmations : I am confident, I am a beauty, I am handsome, I am intelligent
  • Who you truly are is your beauty within, stop seeking validation from outside to feel valid.
  • Pamper your body , be a role model by not using ugly terms because feelings are magnetic.
  • Embrace who you are because we all have flaws but our mind is the strongest tool to help us see the beauty in it.
  • Be Real
    Quotes : “ There is beauty in flaws, only you can beautify it just look within “
    La Reine+
    “ Outer beauty attracts but inner beauty captivates “
    Kate Angell

Jemiseye O. Esther
CTYI Team Lead

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