The process of rebuilding our lives and livelihoods on a vital and sustainable development must be our collective responsibility with strong conviction that all will be well and Nigeria will be great again.

We are all guilty as charged , the young, the old , the Government and the governs. We all abandoned our roles and responsibilities and here we are today.

This is not the time for blame game but the time for reflection and restoration. The time to show love to each other in an unprecedented manner.

We must provide the shoulder for your neighbour to lean on. We have lost valuable lives , many have lost their livelihoods , many are in state of comatose due to the unfortunate disaster in our Country.

Nevertheless, we are Nigerian. We turn hopeless situation around to favour us, we don’t give up . In peace and unity we reign.

Together we must put an end to fake news and shame those who want to divide us for their parochial interest . We are intelligent people, we can’t be fooled.

Moreover, the rule of law must be consistently observed and anarchy is a No! No!! in our Society.

Let’s walk the talk. Let’s the healing start now.

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