YAYON, Lagos State, Serve a warning to those protesters that burgled the palace of Oba of Lagos ~Ajasa-Info

Our silence is not golden at the detriment of our culture being dwindle by some miscreants, criminals etc that hide under the ”END SARS” protest to execute their evil mission, we are showing our grieve in a peaceful manner and discredit such act with passion that such can never happen among the real born and buttered Yoruba youth, because we cherish our culture to the brim.

Therefore we plead with those in possession of Oba Staff of Office and other stolen properties from the royalty should be returned within 72hours, because we know such cannot happen in hausa Land, Igbo land or any other region and they will go freely without being apprehended.

We know the value of our heritage’s and how costly they are to us, so we can get it back by all means..

Yoruba Afenifere Youth Organization of Nigeria (Lagos Chapter) under the leadership of Comrade Onifade Sodiq indulge the progressive youth to remain focus and join us to protect what belongs to us and acheringa. Yoruba are known to be peaceful, loyal and respectable human being that does not make us to look timid in front of passivity and lackadaisical attitude portray by some miscreants in disguise of ”END SARS” protest.

Thank you and God bless you all.

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