It’s another reflection moment for my beloved country, Nigeria. Like an annual ritual, we are remembering the struggles that birthed our freedom from Colonialism and supremacy over our sovereignty some 60 years ago.

We are quick to identify the ills and constraints of our nationhood every October 1st but quite difficult to remediate the challenges. We rather consign the feelings to the dustbin until another Independence celebration.

Leadership or governance criticism has become a habit that has beclouded us of charting a way forward in the country.

Are we getting it right? The answer is still very far from yes.

I think we all need to start changing our mindset, particularly our orientations on the possibilities of Nigeria getting better again

Understandably, maladministration and misgovernance have made it almost a taboo to trust and love the nation again but chopping off the head can never be a cure for the headache.

Even when the intention looks promising and productive, scepticism still erupts in the minds of Nigerians, making it herculean to sincerely lead and govern aright.

Nature sometimes has a way of resetting a nation for good, or otherwise, depending on the people, which is one of what the deadly disease, Coronavirus has come to do.

Nation-building must continue at all cost, regardless of the hurdles. Let’s have a rethink, readjust and reinstall our mindset for greater achievements.


As youths, it is understandable that our exuberance is a natural phenomenon but it can be channelled towards rebuilding the nation. We have the energy, potential, innovation and technology to drive the economy, only if we want to.

Any Nation craving for development and not engaging its youths prudently, cannot be taken seriously, hence, a clarion call to the youths to take the bull by the horn. The youths must move beyond social media criticisms and get involved across levels to make the nation great again.

We are productive

I belong to the school of thought that it’s not the duty of the government to feed you as citizens but empower you with enabling environment to thrive. This will boost the youthfulness in the youths and make them self-sufficient.
Contrary to reports globally, we have young people doing great things and are making us proud too. These young and distinguished personalities should be our face in the International communities.

Empowerment or Development?

What many Public Office holders engage the youths on is empowerment which ultimately produces Okada, Marwa etc, although not out of context, provided it is beneficial to the recipients but the puzzle is the sustainability and growth projection of the beneficiaries, 4 years later.

Many a time, they end up back to square one as a result of wants not meeting needs.
However, youth development should surface more in terms of skill acquisition, entrepreneurship, leadership and vocational training which will oil the productivity wheel of the nation.

Don’t just be a critic, those lofty ideas are essential to the growth of the nation. Contribute your quota. Don’t wait to be handed over the spoon, go for it and see history smile at you.

As Nigerian youths, we cannot but agree that the nation sojourn in the next 60 years lies solely on our shoulder and we can not afford to fail.

A New Nigeria is possible, let’s keep the hope alive.

Happy 60 years Nigeria

Lekan Biliamin Oba
NYCN Lagos Chairman

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