… Eruwen and Ori-okuta road to wear a new look soon

Rep Babajimi Benson embarked on a listening tour to Ajaguro Ori-okuta in Ikorodu West, and Eruwen in Ikorodu North LCDA, Rep Babajimi Benson, this tour is basically to visit the most affected areas in various Local Government in Ikorodu federal Constituency which Rep Babajimi Benson is representing.

Rep Babajimi Benson the Chairman House committee on Defense in his remarks

“I am moving round all the Local Government to know the pains of my people that is why we came up with this Listening tour, as we all know we have the Governor, the Senator and House of Assembly we do all sit down together to agree on a path, I’m sure that path would be followed. I’m assuring you that this road will receive critical attention, We will come back to you with positive news.”

“You elected us to do certain things for you. Myself and your house rep members, my job are split into three;
1. To ensure that I pass laws that would support you.
2.To ensure that I oversight the government in whatever committee they put me.
3. To represent you.”

According to the Director General of iCare Foundation Mayor Deen Sanwo-Ola “Honourable Babajimi Benson said before I go out on the campaign train, before I start putting posters out, I need to talk to my people to find out what their issue were, I can’t solve their problems if they don’t tell me, and I can’t solve it without them participating in the solution, so that what ever solution we arrive at, it is a joint effort, not just me bringing solution to you without the people’s input in it, and that’s why we started the listening tour today, when we leave this community we are going to another community just to hear them out what are their issues.


He added “they are other issues you have that we may not be able to solve, but we may be able to relate to the appropriate Authorities, that is what this discussion is all about, it is not an opportunity to pick back on the Government, the Councillor, the Chairman, what we are here to do is to get information from you and that is why it is called “A listening tour.”

At Ajaguro Community, a number of challenges were highlighted which include fixing of Ori-Okuta, Agric road, upgrade of primary health centres, completion of the only public secondary school in Agric axis, among others.

Also, at Erunwen community, emphasis was laid on assisting with reconstructing the long-dilapidated and deplorable Erunwen road for easy vehicular movement and socio-economic development as well as provision of transformers and school for the community.

After listening to the people Rep Babajimi Benson said “This is the part of the representation which I have to listen to you to be able to fight for you. I have listen to you now, you talked about roads, this roads in particular. I am sure that other things are needed, someone might just suggest, my job is to ensure that the request is also table. It is a federal matter”

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