Popular nollywood actor and producer, Saidi Balogun has said the Nigerian movie industry lacks proper structure which is affecting the performance of actors.

During the Interview, he disclosed that there is a need for the government to assist movie makers by providing a structure to enable actors relay meaningful messages through movies.

Full Video

Balogun also explained that foreign and local investors will be motivated when the development of nollywood movie productions are standardized.

He said “there are association of actors that oversee the affairs of the industry, we have too many associations with over 80 registered and 21 performing. We are trying to create Federation of Nollywood Association and guild so that we can be under one umbrella and when a law is being passed, it can also be checked”.

Saidi Balogun is an actor, director and producer, known for You or I (2013), Online (2021) and Finding Ireti (2022).


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