The Lagos State Local Government election is around the corner and apparently the Youth Constituency are expected to play important roles which will eventually result into electing the drivers of respective Local Government Areas

I implore the Lagos State youths to ensure peaceful conduct before, during and after the election.

The need for us to speak with our votes and ensure our voices are loud and clear is most essential, especially when the youth constitute the greatest number of the population.

Election is a democratic tool that must be deployed by every citizens of a nation. As youths, we cannot continue to sit on the fence, thinking magic will happen without getting involved on all sides.

With the growing population of youths in Lagos State, undoubtedly, there is strength in our numbers, which must be adequately utilized to achieve the desired results.

I advise the young candidates from different political platforms to be great ambassadors of the younger generation when they are eventually entrusted with the people’s mandate.

The youth candidates should be service and people-oriented. They must ensure that the people’s resources are well managed and utilized for the greatest majority.

The other youths Constituency are watching and taking records for posterity. Please remember reward for hard work is not just more work but an open door for youth inclusiveness going forward.

To the teeming youths that will be participating in the election either as Supervisory Presiding Officers, Presiding Officers, Poll Clerks and even as Observers, please do not let us down. Let’s show to the world that the youths are central to the success of every elections in the country.

Please let’s all adhere strictly to the stipulated Covid-19 protocols as we all go out to exercise our franchise, particularly as Nigeria experiences the third wave of the pandemic.

Let’s go out and cast our votes for representative grassroots government.

Please stay safe and stay healthy.

Yours in the struggle,

Lekan Biliamin Oba
Chairman, NYCN Lagos

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