Hon Mojisolaoluwa Alli-Macaulay Fetes Christmas with the Children ~Ajasa-Info

By Oluwatunmininu Adetoro

The honourable member representing Amuwo Odofin constituency 1 at the Lagos State House of Assembly celebrated the festive season with the children of Amuwo Odofin Constituency 1 earlier today.

The event which took place on December 19 2021 at 205 Park, Festac Town, Lagos happens to be the second edition with the first being held in 2019.

According to the Honourable member who is popularly known as Mama Amuwo by all and sundry in her constituency, her love and passion for the younger generations made her come up with such event.

The purpose according to her was to bring the children closer to her for them to have fun and celebrate the festivity together as she finds joy and happiness in seeing smiles on the faces of the younger generations who she sees as leaders of today.

The Mama Amuwo Christmas party with kids had the children engage in different games, fun filled activities with lots of gifts and foods being given to them.

Notable amongst those present for the event were the Vice Chairman of Amuwo Odofin Local Government, Hon. Maureen Ashara, National Representative of the Nigerian Union of Teachers, Comrade Adewale, Representatives of Education District IV, Members of the Local Government Legislative House just to mention a few.

The event had over 2000 children and parents in participation with each person going home with foods and goodies.

Lagos Lawmaker Hon. Mojisolaoluwa Alli-Macaulay Bags Award of Excellence in Public Service amongst Others ~Ajasa-Info

Oluwatumininu Adetoro

The honourable member representing Amuwo Odofin Constituency 1 at the Lagos State House of Assembly, Hon Mojisolaoluwa Alli-Macaulay has recently bagged an award of excellence in public service, 2021 at the just concluded Jet Age Conference organized by the Lead Generation Initiative.

The Jet Age Nation Builders Conference, Lagos which held at the Marriott Hotel Ikeja between December 5 to 7 with the theme “The Future is Now” was aimed at steering conversation along the line of leadership, energy, transportation, education, health, housing, communication and governance with the aim of exposing the youths to opportunities in these areas.

The event had the virtual presence of the Former President of Nigeria, Olusegun Obasanjo, the Vice President, Prof Yemi Osinbajo ably represented, the Grand Mufti of Kwara State, Sheikh Faruq Onikijipa Al-Miskinbillah, Members of the Federal House of Representatives, and many others.

Hon Alli-Macaulay, one of the award recipients in her speech during the panel session at the gala night emphasized the need for the youths to reconcile with the government and come forward to take the mantle of leadership. “Charity begins at home” she said while she calls the parents to also work with the government to build up youths that are ready to take leadership in other to birth the change we all desire. She charged the youths to ask themselves what they can give to the government and how they can contribute their quota in the development of the nation.

The honourable expressed her faith and believe in the Nigerian youths to change the narrative of governance and leadership, thereby taking the nation to its rightful position in the comity of great nations.

She also thanked the organizers for coming up with such initiative at this period and for also deeming her worthy of the honor as she sees it as a call for her to do more in terms of good governance and quality representation which she promises to.

The Lead Generation Initiative is a non-governmental, non-profit and non-partisan organization Chaired by Hon Shina Pellar, a member for the federal House of Representatives and it is committed to providing opportunities for a new generation of leaders in nation building.

Promise Made, Promise Fulfilled as Residents of Amuwo Odofin gets free Eye Glasses ~Ajasa-Info

By Oluwatumininu Adetoro

In a yet another validation of promise kept, the lawmaker representing Amuwo Odofin at the Lagos State House of Assembly, Hon Mojisolaoluwa Alli-Macaulay has fulfilled her promise of providing free eye glasses to the residents of Amuwo Odofin Constituency.

Recall that, sometimes in August, the lawmaker extended her masses-driven qualitative representation to the optical wing of the health sector by organising a Free Eye Test and Glasses Tagged VISION AMUWO To Constituents in fulfilment of her promise during the elections.

The Mama amuwo free eye test which took place between Friday 20th to Sunday 22nd of August saw over 300 pensioners tested for accurate glasses prescription, given free drugs and eye drops.

The exercise which was done in partnership with Besh Foundation, United Kingdom had the presence of 12 professional optometrists and senior ophthalmologists to attend to the people at the Amuwo Odofin local government Council, 41 Road festac, Lagos Nigeria.

For those that were tested for glasses, the glasses were not immediately given as they needed to be produced to solve the problem diagnosed by the doctors. However, the glasses are now available and will be distributed to the recipients between 6th and 7th of December, 2021.

As key partners in this exercise, the Founder and Advocacy Director, Bestbuddy Scholarship and Hope Foundation, Mr Abimbola Fasanu as well as the Coordinator and Orchestrator of the exercise, Mr Daniel Adeogun both flew in from the UK to participate in the distribution of the eye glasses to the residents.

Lagos State Female Law Maker Advocates Girl Child Policies for Active Political Participation ~Ajasa-Info

The Honourable member representing Amuwo Odofin Constituency 1 at the Lagos State House of Assembly, Hon. Mrs Mojisolaoluwa Alli-Macaulay has called upon the Lagos State Government at all levels to implement policies that will enable the girl child’s active participation in the political affairs of the state. This call which came at the floor of the house during one of its sittings which held on 11th of October, 2021, a day set aside by the United Nations to Celebrate the International Girl Child Day.

Honourable Mojisolaoluwa Alli-Macaulay who is known for her strong advocacy for women and children policies and initiatives stressed the need for the government at all levels to create an enabling environment and opportunities for the girl child to thrive as she noted how she being a female law maker seized the opportunity to serve when being given the platform.

The International girl child day is one that is always celebrated across the globe as the United Nations had set this day aside for the world to identify with the female gender, discuss their travails and encourage them through policies and opportunities being made available to them. The theme of this year’s day is “Digital Generation, Our Generation” and it stresses the need for potentials in the girl child to be encouraged while equipping them with the necessary skills and opportunities to thrive.

Here is the honourable’s full speech at the floor of the house:

“I want to explain this very important day to the good people of Lagos state and also the state government.

Today 11th October 2021 happens to be the international day of the girl child, which is usually celebrated by the United Nations.

Mr. Speaker, distinguished colleagues, 11th October every year is set aside by the United Nations to recognize girl child rights and unique challenges girls are facing around the world.
The theme for this year is “Digital generation, Our generation”.

Every year all girls are reassured of the importance and encouraged to have access to the opportunity to grow and maximize their potentials, in the same vein, the day is also designated to mitigate against gender based challenges including early child marriages, poor learning opportunities, violence, discrimination, lack of access to health care, excused opportunities that girls are facing around the world.

Mr. Speaker Sir, distinguished honourable colleagues, it is pertinent that a deliberate policy is initiated to enable active participation of the girl child in all affairs of the state, by the time they become young adults, it is also worthy of mentioning, Mr. Speaker that I, Honourable Mojisolaoluwa is also a girl child.

Having been given the opportunity as a girl has made me to become one of the lawmakers of the state and for representing the good people of Amuwo Odofin, the opportunity came and I took it, a lot of girls out there are also willing and it is very good for the state government to also take up the policy to enable the girl child of today to be able to become.

In conclusion Mr. Speaker Sir, as the world mark the day today, the international day of the girl child, I wish to enjoin the Lagos State Government, the Lagos State House of Assembly, the Local Governments, the Local Council Development Areas and every Lagosian to ensure that the objectives of the celebration of today are actualized and become a reality, not just today but every time the girl child day is mentioned.”

Hon Mojisolaoluwa Alli-Macaulay is the Chairman, House Committee on Women Affairs, Poverty Alleviation and Job Creation at the 9th Assembly of the Lagos State House of Assembly.

Mama Amuwo at 44: A Servant Leader’s Journey to Greatness ~Ajasa-Info

By Oluwatumininu Adetoro

It is an unarguable fact that with Honourable Mojisolaoluwa Alli-Macaulay, it is obvious that good people make good places. Therefore, Amuwo Odofin will certainly become better and greater under her active representation of the people.

Today marks Honourable Mojisolaoluwa Omokehinde Alli-Macaulay’s 44th birthday on this earthly plane having been born on Monday, October 10, 1977. This occasion presents a veritable opportunity to celebrate and present the “One in a Million” aspect of an outstanding and visionary leader cum representative of the people.

Mama Amuwo belongs to the small class of people who despite having the influence, power, privileges and outstanding success, has deliberately and consciously understated them to remain connected to the people, friends and society.

Her staunch humility, empathy, authenticity and emotional intelligence are a rare disposition which shows introspection in her conducts and engagements with people of different categories and this unusual acts of hers has always given the people hope and encouragement about the prospects in their ability to achieve and break the glass ceiling.

Instead of getting lost in the oblivion of self-importance or being power drunk, Honourable Alli-Macaulay remains conscious and awake to the fact that power is transient which has therefore increased her endearment to the people while she fixed her gaze on God for the wisdom and continuous guidance on her mission of proper representation for the people of Amuwo.

With these alluring idiosyncrasies found at the foundation of Mama Amuwo’s heart, there is something really exceptional about this servant leader. Undoubtedly, Mama Amuwo’s insight and purpose driven service to mankind has overtime distinguished her even in the comity of leaders in the State.

However, despite your selflessness, kind heart and dedication to service, it’s pertinent to note that humans are not perfect hence, events that have gone down the drain overtime has further established the fact that “uneasy lies the head that wears the crown” is not just an expression but a fact of life, which proximity to you has proven. You’re an inspirational leader with a very accommodating spirit, one who cares about everyone around her which is further testified in your genuine care for your staff whom you’ve taken as families and how you reconcile issues is quite peculiar, unprecedented and laudable.

Consequently, I have come to the realization that leaders are humans and also need empathy, especially a dedicated, people oriented, easy going visionary and an effortlessly humble and amiable leader like you.

Even when the situation was tough and the demography you cherish, love so much and root for always had a thing against you, you were calm and void of the belligerence and brusqueness often associated with politicians when in power. Your composure and fate vindicated you which was further validated with the recommendation you got from the Chairman of the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA), Gen Buba Marwa. Also, a testament of your concern became evident in the 7th Annual Constituency Stakeholders’ meeting by the Lagos State House of Assembly held in Amuwo-Odofin II which was themed on the increasing wave of drug abuse as a threat to nation building, the same course you were criticized for.

You have handled the situation properly and with your demonstrated calmness, composure and maturity even in the face of criticism, it will not be out of place to say emphatically that you actually have the wisdom beyond the age of 44. This is further validated by your uncommon sagacity, objectivity which you exhibited even in moments of despair.

Indeed, your emotional strength as a woman in office is commendable.

Having a moment with such an embodiment of intellectualism and gracious beauty is one I always look forward as you never fall short of sharing your experiences while climbing the ladder of greatness, this has overtime served as a motivation and reignition of fire in myself and many youths out their that pay keen attention to your teachings. Hence, drinking from your reservoir of knowledge and wealth of experiences.

It is your birthday today, you deserve every accolades and encomiums for your selfless leadership and strong knack for even distribution of the dividends of democracy which has played out in your commitment to the service of the people of Amuwo Odofin and Lagos State at large. You have been a good friend, wife, mother and also a good model for public service efficiency and responsible governance.

No doubt, with women like you in office, Amuwo Odofin, Lagos State and Nigeria is headed towards claiming her rightful place in the comity of leading cities and nation in the world.

As Mama Amuwo marks her 44th birthday today, I wish her long life and prosperity as well as the wisdom and strength to continually deliver her selfless service to the people.

Oluwatumininu Adetoro is a recent graduate of Mass Communication at the Lagos State University whose interest spans across Public Relations, Corporate Communication, Crisis Management, Media Relations, and Branding.

LSHA Annual Constituency Stakeholders Meeting on Drug Abuse: We all have a Role to Play says Hon Mojisola Alli-Macaulay ~Ajasa-Info

The use and abuse of drugs has over the years become a prevalent issue in the society and as such it has been at the front burner of discussion by the government and the society at large. In order to further emphasize the need to combat this menace bedevilling the society and to reaffirm the concern of the government in curbing it, the Lagos State House of Assembly in it 7th annual constituency stakeholders’ meeting hammered on the effect of drug abuse on the society and the need to join hands to fight the menace.

The meeting which held on Thursday, 19th August 2021 simultaneously across all 40 constituencies was themed “Increasing Wave of Drug Abuse: A Threat to Nation Building”

The meeting which held at the Local Government Council of Amuwo Odofin was not only a gathering to deliberate on the issues around illicit use of drugs but also birthed new ideas and suggestions on how drug issue can be tackled in the Local Government and the State.

The event which was held simultaneously across all the legislative constituencies in the State had the attendance of Hon. Mojisolaoluwa Kehinde Alli-Macaulay, LSHA member representing Amuwo Odofin Constituency as the Chief Host, the Special Adviser to the Gov on Central Business District Hon. Gbenga Oyerinde, the Executive Chairman of Amuwo Odofin Local Government, Engr Dr. Valentine Buraimoh and his Vice-Chairman, Hon. Maureen Ashara and other important dignitaries in attendance.

Speaking at the event yesterday, Honourable Mojisola Alli-Macaulay stated that the government at various levels has been making efforts in addressing some of the problems associated with drug abuse and its danger to the nation’s youths. She emphasized that the Lagos State House of Assembly’s leadership and members of the House have always taken matters affecting residents, and especially the youths very passionately.

The Executive Chairman, Engr Dr. Valentine Buraimoh in his welcome address recounted that the use of Illegal drugs will not be tolerated in the community. He noted that measures have been put in place to curb drug abuse across the Local Government Area as he advised students present and youths to stay away from drugs in their own interests.

The Deputy Director, National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) who was also present reiterated that the agency is working assiduously to curb the menace of drug abuse amongst the youths. He urged residents to report anyone found with illegal drug substance.

Below is the full speech from Hon Mojisola Alli-Macaulay:

“The use and abuse of drugs is fast becoming prevalent amongst adults and especially the youths. Drug abuse has been identified to have diverse and devastating effects on the safety and progress of the society. Apart from its negative social effects such as violent crimes, disruption of the family, child abuse and neglect, as well as unemployment, it has been associated with some other criminal behaviours such as gang formations, cultism, armed robbery, rape and other social disturbances. There are also the economic and health effects such as loss of job, dropping out of school, stealing, and complicated health issues such as persistent nausea, changes in appetite and weight loss, liver damage, seizures, stroke, mental confusion, memory loss and brain damage, and lung disease. All these have far-reaching consequences on both government spending and public safety.

Besides, more disturbing is the revelation of experts who have established the nexus between the menace of drug abuse and rising incidences of violent crimes in the country such as kidnapping and banditry.”

it is highly instructive to note that the true measure of any progressive society, state, or nation is not merely by its success in the provision of social and infrastructural facilities or its economic achievements, but by the “average achievement in the key dimensions of human development, a long and healthy life, being knowledgeable and having a decent standard of living”. So it must be understood that when we talk about nation-building, it is not merely about the establishment of beautiful structures and recreational facilities but the process of engaging all residents, especially the youth in the development of the nation by ensuring the safety and sanity of all; by nurturing, building and protecting the younger generation who would not destroy but protect our legacy and lead us to the next generation.

The House has continued to be proactive in the consideration of viable laws and policies that would enhance youth potentials and development. Some of the recent laws that were passed attests to government efforts on this matter such as the “Law to Amend the Lagos State Sports Commission Law 2015, to Promote Youths and Sports Development in Lagos State and For Connected Purposes”. The Law will ensure that youths are provided with great opportunities not only in the area of recreation but where they can nurture, explore and utilize their potentials in sporting activities to become professional sportsmen and women. This would also take the minds of many of them off drug abuse and criminal activities. You will find comprehensive details of the Laws passed by the current 9th Assembly on page 10 of this programme brochure. Similarly, you will find details of our resolutions addressing various socio-economic needs and political issues affecting constituents and reflecting your mandate to us as your elected representative across the State on page 10-11.
Some of the bills under consideration which are youth-oriented include “A Bill For a Law to Provide for the Establishment of the University of Education, Lagos and for Connected Purpose”, it seeks to provide courses of instruction, training and other related studies as may be prescribed towards the award of degrees and certificates, while the other is aimed at establishing the Lagos State University of Science and Technology, to make provisions for its Powers, Functions and General Administration and for Connected Purposes”. The Bill is seeking to address the inadequacies in the polytechnic educational system with a view to upgrading the Lagos State Polytechnic to the status of a conventional University that would provide the opportunity for students that have preference for university education to fulfill their dreams as records have revealed the continuous drop in the enrolment of students into polytechnic due to the seeming inferior perception of polytechnic graduates.
While the passage of the Lagos Neighbourhood Safety Corps is aimed at ensuring the safety of all in our neighbourhood, the prevalence of drug abuse amongst adults and youths, if not effectively addressed and curbed will jeopardise the entire efforts of the House in the establishment of a safe, peaceful, and livable society.

We call on all stakeholders; residents, parents, teachers, students, school proprietors, religious organisations, celebrities, social media influencers, professional bodies, the academia, civil society organisations, community leaders, and individuals to work in concert with the government for the common good of our society by saying “No To Drug Abuse” and drug trafficking. Let us remember that our youths are our future and we must show more concern about their welfare. They are the hope of the next generation who can build our State and indeed the nation through positive contributions in sports, politics, education, the arts, science and technology, and innovations that solve future problems as future leaders. Without these, there can never be any meaningful sustainable development in the State and the nation. “

Others in attendance for the event were Leader of the Legislative Council, Councillors, Apex Leaders, Youth Leaders, Religious Leaders, Traditional Leaders and Ambassadors from Festac Girls Secondary School.

The August event had a very robust interactive session availing participants the opportunity to contribute their opinions to the discussion of the meeting.

Hon. Mojisola Alli-Macaulay Fulfilled Her Promise Of Free Eye Test And Glasses Tagged VISION AMUWO To Constituents ~Ajasa-Info

The diligent, populace-focused House of Assembly member representing Amuwo-Odofin Constituency 1, at the Lagos State House Of Assembly extended her masses-driven qualitative representation to the optical wing of the health sector.

The exercise commenced on Friday 20th, August 2021 morning at the Local Government Council Secretariat with many eye doctors (Opthamologists) present, many aged and young people trooped into the local government council to benefit from the free eye test, been the first day.

The free eye test (VISION AMUWO) exercise continues on Saturday 21st and Sunday 22nd of August 2021 as the last day.

This initiative is another part of the laudable initiatives of the humane, dynamic, progressive and indomitable representative of the Amuwo-Odofin Constituency 1.

Vision Amuwo Day 2 commenced, with over 200 participants ( pensioners).

Mama amuwo free eye test which kicked of Friday 20th August saw over 300 pensioners tested for accurate glasses prescription, given free drugs and eye drops.

It kicked of on a high note with 12 professional optometrists and senior ophthalmologists, at the Amuwo Odofin local government Council, 41 Road festac, Lagos Nigeria. Speaking one to the benefactors Mrs Olajoye “these doctors are highly professional, this is not my first eye test, so i have had an experience and these doctors i see here, know what they are doing, God will continue to bless Mama Amuwo for us”.

Speaking to mama amuwo, Hon. MojisolaOluwa Alli-Macaulay who is the Lawmaker Representaing Amuwo Odofin Constituency 1 on the inspiration behind this she said “As we all know, the eyes is one of the most important part of the body , it helps you get where you want to go and do what you have to do, it’s very very important, so I thought it’s best to do comprehensive eye test for the elderly and that brought about this. We are partnering with Besh Foundation United Kingdom To Put this together and we found out that pensioners need a lot more attention and sometimes they do not get it”
I feel fulfilled and we going to have another batch for younger people”

Also speaking to Hon. Valentine Buraimoh, who was tested as well on his experience “this is a laudable project and we thank mama amuwo, she is a visionary leader and always given us qualitative representation, she always has my full support’.

The event started Friday 20th and runs through to Sunday 22nd of August.