Nigerian Children Cultural Heritage NCCH organised (Nigeria’s Independence Anniversary) on the 27th of October.
Themed: I pledge to Nigeria my country”
and your support for our Mission and Vision to train Culturally enriched Children in a bid to preserve our culture and train offsprings that have strong orientation, knowledge and Love for the Nigerian Culture.

Series of cultural displays, dramas and performances that shows off our culture were shown at the event.
The event featured Cultural competition and performances from the Children in 5-five teams.
-Team Gbajabiamila,
-Team Emilokan,
-Team Esho,
-Team Desmond
and Team Bayelsa.
The performance was judged by Comr. Brahimo-Igbo Ibrahim and Team Emilokan emerged as the winner.

Pa Jimi Solanke also addressed the importance of preserving the culture. Hon.Lukmon Oyewole;- SA Budget and Finance to the Speaker, Federal House of Representatives Nigeria, Rt. Hon Gbajabiamila-_ accompanied by his gorgeous wife in the person of Mrs Aminat Ayobola Kaka-Lawal also spoke about the importance of catching the children young and teaching our culture to them.

Awards were also given to Hon. Lukmon Oyewole Lawal as the most outstanding Youth and Hon. Musiliu Olanrewaju Giwa as the Outstanding personality of the year for thier support towardd resuscitation of Nigeria’s indegenious Culture.
People who share our dream of preserving our culture and preparing children for the same task are appreciated and we look forward to your everlasting support and Contribution.

The Children at Nigerian Children Cultural Heritage NCCH received gifts and they send thier greetings and gratitude to all of you for supporting an avenue where they get to understand thier culture and be enriched with indegenious knowledge.


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