The Office of the SSA on Youth Development to the Governor of Lagos State Mr Babajide Olusola Sanwo-Olu, Organised a democracy symposium to commemorate the 2nd year anniversary in office of the Executive Governor of Lagos State. The symposium with the theme NIGERIA DEMOCRACY; YOUTH ON THE CALL was held at Eko fm Multipurpose hall Ikeja.

Welcome Address by the Host of the Eko Youth Symposium Hon. Akanbi Saheed Afonja SSA on Youth Development to Mr. Governor.

“From time immemorial, the youth of a Nation is like a ladder that help to raise the Nation high. They are major strength of a State and the Country at large.
Therefore the importance of Youth in democracy can’t be undermine but entrench.”

“In no doubt this present administration, led by the youthful Governor with stupendous projects, His Excellency Governor Babajide Olusola Sanwo-Olu has not for once sideline the youth in his administration as he ensures that youth opinion count in the governance of the state.”

“It is worthy to recall and appreciate our National Leader of the All Progressives Congress {APC}, the Jagaban Borgu, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, who laid the foundation and template for youth to participate and excel in all spheres of government during his tenure as the Governor and till date. We would be forever greatful Sir.”

“The T.H.E.M.E.S Agenda of the Governor which is a driving force for a greater Lagos of our dream embrace youth involvement in all spheres. Also, the Honourable Commissioner for Youth and Social Development, Hon. Segun Dawodu ensures that all hands are on deck in order to not only accommodate youth but also help to increase their standard of living through various activities.”

“In all, Eko YOUTH heartily express their profound appreciation to the Executive Governor of Lagos State, His Excellency Babajide Olushola Sanwo-Olu for his commitment to take Lagos to the greatest of heights and to celebrate his laudable two years in office.”

“Your administration within two years is indeed a youthcentric one, your unending list of youthful programs executed so far which includes;

  • Annual Internship Programme for 4000 graduates
  • Reconstruction of Abesan Youth Centre
  • Construction of basketball court and upgrading of football pitch at Ikeja Youth Centre
  • Lagos Care program for Youth and Vulnerable
  • Renovation of Ikorodu Youth Centre
  • Renovation of Lafiaji Youth Centre, Lagos Island
  • Renovation of Omituntun Playground, Akowonjo
  • Renovation of Campus Square Recreation Center, Lagos Island to mention few, and definitely more is coming as the administration continues.

“Thank you very much Sir, it’s all geared towards the achievement of a greater Lagos.”

Pa Ayo Opadokun, The Keynote speaker in his address went back to history on the annulment of June 12 1993 general election and how the the popular Chief Moshood Kashimawo Olawale Abiola the acclaimed winner of the Election was denied his right to rule the country.
He acknowledged the blueprints of Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, the former governor of Lagos State in transforming Lagos into a megacity and which previous leveraged upon by subsequent administrations up.

He therefore appreciated the resourceful led nigerian students adminstration to be second to none in history

In 2013 he was invited by CCN to delivere public lecture on the path of MKO ABIOLA history on the same podium.
He affirmed that he has always flabbergasted not to have seen for once d trace of democracy in our daily act.

He challenged the election held since 1998 not to have birthed any progress but retrogression in all dimensions
He further noted the aim behind the formation of National Democratic Coalition and later made the secretary of the movement
He commend the good legacies left behind by the past governors of lagos and still moulding by the incumbent Governor
He said, If the election of June 12 had not been annulled, nigeria would be a Nation and not a country.

Nigeria remain country till tomorrow because of devilish people that have conered nigeria into their various pocket
EKO YOUTH must not posit to be wailers rather chose to be informed and do things constructively
And applaud The Jagaban Mogul of his loft idea to digitalize all public documentations
He continues by parading different projects actualised by the governor in different ministries of the LASG; Transportation, Economy, Health, Technology, among others.

He charge the youths of Lagos State to take responsibility, maximize their voting power and make themselves available to take up leadership positions.

The panel session which consisted of Barr. Yussuf Temilola, Barr. Moyosore Ogunlewe, Hon. Dayo Isreal and Mrs Gbemisola

The panelist urge the youths of Lagos to actively engage in Politics, Be consistent and intentional and always be dedicated to their capacity building and be prepared for opportunities.

Mrs. Gbemisola In her own words said; A handwritten paragraph can substantiate into a full textbook. If properly harnessed. She highlighted the following;

  1. Need for devoted and committed collaboration
  2. Admonish elders to create an enabling environment to take action.
  3. They should create policies that are capable of influencing the youths to take charge.

Hon. Dayo Isreal
In his words said; Everything we do revolves around Government and politics. If they do not give a chance. We should get our carpenters to shape a stood that allows us sit beside them.

He said; We are not educated until the government says we are. By issuing us certificate. We are not married until the Government says we are By issuing us marriage certificate, Even at death We are not dead until Government says we are by issuing death certificate.

He further went on to describe that meeting the right association, aligning with the right people will make us earn our goals fast. He used Barr. Moyosore as an example, that he contested thrice as house of assembly. But he didn’t stop knocking till he meet the right people. Today he is a flag bearer for the party.

So we must keep knocking till we hit gold mine.

If they don’t give you sit at the table go to the carpenter to make one for yourself.

Question thrown to the Panelist:

How can the Youths in Lagos state take the CALL?
Answered by Mr Yusuf.
He said; Politics is about participation, We must participate. MKO wasn’t given oppourtunity until he was 56. For us to be given oppourtunity we have to get involved.

He mentioned NYCN, Lagos parliament etc to begin to come up with youthful based policies, community based programmes, and groups that can sensitize the people about politics.

Give informations, strengthen ourselves
and Distinguished ourselves.

  • In politics, we need information and also track record.
  • Youth group should come up with policies and send to national assembly.
  • And make sure they act on it

Barr. Moyosore in his words mentioned Practical politics has a way of youths answering the CAll.

He said there’s a difference between unionism and politics.

For student union politics. Its only about the welfare of students.
While for real politics, you need to learn the ropes, Identify track records, then he went on to tell his story how he sacrificed his salary, time and effort to attend ward meetings.

Consistently from 2015 till eventually became flag bearer in 2021
While for Mrs Gbemisola she did say she has being preparing for Leadership position all her life.
She asked how prepared are the Youths for leadership positions?

How’d we plan to manage leadership positions differently? When she was her election as president in her school overseas. She was not concerned on If a black person ever won the seat before.. All she was concerned was what she wanted to deliver.

  • She said politics is not about gender.
  • The realities of politics is more of the grass roots. also said politics is not a career, It is ability to serve

Mrs. Gbemisola goes beyond the norms to challenge our leaders to create a fruitful environment for youths to thrive. This contemporary time is different from the ages, therefore youth need to be included and encouraged

The Governor who was represented by his Chief Press Secretary, Mr Gboyega Akosile said the Governor is committed to the development of youths In Lagos and appeal to the youths to be patient with the governor and also implore them to always channel their grievance their the appropriate quarters and it shall be looked into.

Present at the symposium are Mr Lawal Pedro SAN, Hon Segun Olulade Former Member Lagos State House of Assembly, Comr. Segun Mayegun Former NANS President, Comr. Lekan Oba Chairman NYCN Lagos State, Comr Shasanya Akinola, President NULASS National and host of others.

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