The position of the Lagos chapter of Youth Assembly of Nigeria (YAN) on the planned local government elections in Lagos state ~Ajasa-Info

Lagos State Chapter of The Youth Assembly of Nigeria applauds the Lagos State Independent Electoral Commission (LASIEC) for its expressed readiness to conduct local government elections in the state come July 2021.

The leadership of YAN sees the planned election as an avenue to bolster the credentials of Lagos state as the bastion of representative democracy in the country. Thus, as preparations get into top gear, we urge LASIEC to ensure that the process is a free, fair, and credible one for all political parties and candidates to be involved in the process.

We also implore LASIEC to eschew all forms of manipulations when performing its electoral responsibility. Similarly, we urge all political parties and gladiators to kindly allow the umpire to do their job without any form of hindrances or violence of any sort. Rather, we enjoin them to join hands to give the exercise the needed support to succeed and make Lagos state greater for us all.

Our belief is that a genuine path to good governance and development in the state can be achieved when (LASIEC), the body charged with conducting the forthcoming elections, maintains a high degree of fairness and credibility during the electioneering processes.

However, as stakeholders in the strengthening of democratic institutions and processes in the state, we shall be partnering with LASIEC in the critical areas of civic engagements such as voter awareness and education, peaceful participation and sundry areas deemed fit to mitigate the rife problem of voter apathy in the state.

The Assembly also uses this opportunity to express utmost readiness to participate in the election in order to ensure that the caliber of persons that clinches party tickets are people of proven capability in terms of contemporary leadership and administrative prowess that are needed to project and protect the interest of our youths in Lagos State.

In respect of the above, we plan to deepen participatory democracy by holding town hall debates for candidates vying for elective positions to convince the youths in the 20 local governments and 37 local council development areas on why they are the best for the Chairmanship position in their respective Local Governments.

While we await the official publication of the statutory notices, we wish to state clearly that the Y.A.N Lagos State Chapter, remains non-partisan and isn’t a branch or network of any political party but will strictly support the party that produces a reasonable, sellable, youth conscious and friendly person to the populace.

Similarly, we like to plead with our teeming youths in the state, not to be tools in the hands of some of these evil politicians who do not have genuine intentions for them at heart.

Thus, we urge the Chairman of the Commission, Hon. Justice Ayotunde Phillips (rtd), in her good conscience and in deference to justice she stands for to play the role of an impartial umpire expected of her, as any attempt by her agency or anyone to undermine the credibility of the process shall be fiercely resisted by the conscious youths in the state.

Lastly, we remain resolute in our unwavering quest to keep contributing to nation-building by promoting the interests of youths in Lagos State.

E- Signed.
Agboton. N. Oluwatobi.
Speaker. YAN. Lagos State.


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