The incoming chairman of OJODU LCDA; Alhaja Kafayat Funmilayo Layeni popularly known as KFL by her supporters and admirers pays a glowing tribute to his late leader and mentor on his 10th year REMEMBRANCE, here are her words;

Ten years ago like yesterday, the news of your death came as a rude shock to everyone but it was more shocking to some of us and the excruciating pain of your loss still lingers on. You were a loving, caring, disciplined, strict and principled leader.

A fatherly figure who treats his followers like his own biological children. ALHAJI, there are many memories of you that can never be forgotten; a whole lot of memories. God knew why he took you away at that time and as God’s subjects, who are we to question him other than to submit to his will.

You were a leader, a role model to be proud of, your teachings and your impact in many people’s lives remain indelible; you taught me so much and those lessons are what I have built my political life on which they have made me what I am today. IKEJA as a whole miss your leadership qualities, OJODU LCDA is yet to recover from the loss; we all miss you.

ALHAJI, your protege; Funmi has moved on since your painful death; your tutoring has made me stronger. I have gone through ups and downs but God has kept me; you taught us to be loyal and steadfast, you taught us to be sincere, you taught us to apply restraint in the face of provocation, you taught us be circumspect and be calculative in order for us to know the right time to act and you also taught us to have the fear of God in our dealings with people; all these I have applied and these has made me to record some high level of success in my political journey and even in life generally.

I want to seize this opportunity to appreciate you even in death; thank you my leader for all you did for me while you were here, my success story will never be complete without mentioning your great impact in my life.

Today, I join others to remember your legacies and your impacts while you were alive; we are not just remembering your death but we are thanking God for the live of impact that you lived. I pray that your soul finds peace with your maker and that Allah forgives you of all your shortcomings and grant you Aljana Fridau.

Sleep on my beloved leader Ashi bobo.

Tribute from your protege and loving daughter; Funmilayo Layeni.

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