AN ACCOUNT OF NIGERIA YOUTH GOLDEN ROLE MODEL Amb. Hon. Adebanji Adeoye Atewogboye, CEO, Skibanj Multipurpose Business Enterprises ~Ajasa-Info

Galaxy of Distinguish Guest Present, Patriot Colleague’s, Gentlemen of the press, I greet you all in Nation building.

Today history will take it’s course on Amb. Hon. Adebanji Adeoye Atewogboye to receive an Award from NYAGGI, after an extensive survey of his track records, most especially the roles he played in Mary Daniel’s life (amputee hawking girl) the delegate of Nigeria Youth Advocacy for good Governance initiative (NYAGGI) decide to Award Amb. Hon. Adebanji Adeoye Atewogboye.

NYAGGI have taken keen note of his hard work and impact on Youths, women, less privilege, community development, and service our Nation and Africa at Large.

Amb. Hon. Adebanji Adeoye Atewogboye is one out of few Nigerians that fit into this description a Father, mentor, leader, role-model, philanthropist, Pathfinder, lover of truth, hope for the hopeless, epitome, beacon of rear gem, Pace setter, bridge builder, a walking encyclopedia for the Nigeria youth to emulate.

Some are born great, some acquire greatness and some have greatness entrusted in them, while Amb. Hon. Adebanji Adeoye Atewogboye is characteristic of the above statement.

Abraham Lincoln said and I quote ‘great personality are not dress in gold but if you scratch their back they are made of Gold’ Amb Hon. Adebanji Adeoye Atewogboye is made up of Gold.

Thanks to Nigeria Youth Advocacy for Good Governance Initiative for this (5 🌟 STAR General of the NigeriaN Youth Award) Skibanj will never rest to put smile on people faces. Also he will continue to advocate and contribute immensely to youth cause.

Director of Media & Publicity

Adara Stephen Abiodun.

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