-Clean up initiative.
-Creating Awareness and sensitization in Ikorodu North.
-Engaging stake holders and the people by ensuring Everyone are playing there roles.
-Applaud by the community people.

On their journey to achieve the sustainable development goal by 2030, youth from Ikorodu North are trying to play a central role.(been a Global citizen locally)

On this day 10 -04- 2021 as part of their vision to create a safe and healthy environment for all, Youths from Ikorodu North came up with the idea of clean up Ikorodu North which is scheduled to be coming up every two months will help in many ways as ensure the safety and well-being our people(looking @ the problem and finding a possible solution)
flood which as been a major problem to people at the axis of Odogunyan area of Ikorodu North. This clean up will go along way to help them as it will ensure a safe environment.

The clean up started at okada pack, moving down to the market and Ojuemuren street to create the awareness, as many people are getting to understand the importance of clean up to ensure a safe and healthy business and environment.

Stakeholders like Counselors, Baale and Chairman Marwa and Okada and some Community members joined the clean up and promised that it won’t stop and they will keep on creating the awareness and sensitising the people and ensure Everyone play there role.

It was a WELCOME Initiative as they All appreciate the effort of the youth council and promised to always support our programs.

Youth council advice to the public:- let’s all keep our environment clean.

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