NYCN Lagos East applauds release of Tunde Abass after illegal detention ~Ajasa-Info

Describes act of violence against any innocent person as an act that eludes moral justification.

The scene through which Comrade Kola Kabir Mohammed was assaulted and subsequent arrest of Comrade Tunde Abass was appalling and saddening but the State Police Public Relation Officer ensures that justice prevail

The National Youth Council of Nigeria (NYCN), Lagos East Vice-Chairman, Comrade Abdulfatai Ajibola Are visit to the Lagos State Police Public Relation Officer, Supol Olumuyiwa Adejobi in respect to the release of the innocent victim has yielded a positive result.

Comrade Are extensively applaud the Lagos State PRO for his role in giving a humane face to the issue and securing the release of Tunde Abass and Comrade Kola properties. He further appreciated NYCN Somolu Executives and youth for standing up in solidarity for one of their own.

Also, many thanks to Mr Abraham the great who was our guest speaker some weeks ago at Somolu Youth Leadership Assembly (SYLAS) programm, we really appreciate your contributions and support. All other parties involved, we sincerely appreciate.

Creating a society where the interest of all youth are well harnessed, well developed, well deployed and well rewarded is our goal at NYCN Lagos East and this reflect one of the justice youth clamour for to ehnance the right of the citizens. Thanks once again Lagos State Police PRO and other

May Nigeria succeed

Abdulfatai Ajibola Are
Vice Chairman
National Youth Council of Nigeria, Lagos East District.

23rd March, 2020

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