The REAL Initiatives and The concerned Ikorodu Division Youth organises the 2nd Ikorodu Division Legislative Debate ~Ajasa-Info


The REAL Initiatives and The concerned Ikorodu Division Youth organised the second edition of the Ikorodu Division Legislative Debate for all House of Assembly candidates contesting in various parties, which took place on 22nd of January, at the Ikorodu Ultra-Moldern Town Hall, Ikorodu, Lagos State.

Babasola babatomiwa Africa democratic Congress house of Representative candidate here in Ikorodu. “I appreciate my party for giving me the opportunity to serve our people here in Ikorodu. For the past six months of which we have been moving around for consultations for meetings, Ikorodu is a very big place and Ikorodu deserves the best. What I will try to do when given the opportunity is to push the view to increase the territory here in Ikorodu so that our people can enjoy more of democracy.we have more federal legislature, we have more state legislature and things like that. I will want our people to go get their PVC watch out for the best candidate andlet us do this together.”

Erogbogbo Rotimi, Chairman of Ikorodu Oga Development Association. “What we have heard today, is a good Innovation from the young people and we can see that we have a couple of youths at the program, i am particularly impressed that Ikorodu truly is the third largest city in the south west Nigeria, outside Lagos and ibadan.and this young people are out there to show us a new way to do things. We have so much hope in them, Ikorodu people can go to bed because we have couple of young people who can take us to the next destination to bring development to Ikorodu. Ikorodu has potentials no doubt, if you listen to all the candidates we have today. I want to encourage them to work together to actualize the dream of our fore fathers and Ikorodu oga. We are Ikorodu oga so we must stay on top, we must continue to float and work as the oga that we are. We must come to vote for the right person for Lagos and Nigeria.”

Adekunle Razaq Ademide, the candidate of New Nigerians people’s party to contest for the seat for Ikorodu constituency 1, Lagos State house of assembly. “My advice is for the youths to participate in this election, they should go and get their cards and also come out to speak out and allow the best candidate to be elected.”

According to Bukky odunate, “I am coming out under the flagship of actions and lions party, the slogan goes action alliance, let the masses lead. Our passion is for the party, we want people to enjoy the benefits of being a citizen especially in ikorodu.if I am electing into the house of Representative, the youths are there. Youths I want you to know one thing, you are not the youths of tomorrow but if today. Your today is your today and your tomorrow is your tomorrow. I am also a youth, and we are going to do it together, people who came out to contest for the house of Representative, all of us are youths and we are ready to take the bull by it’s horn because we have so much to deliver.”

“We woman have so much to do, do not draw back, be bold enough, let us revive Ikorodu, this is the time, and we will take it .we have the truth in our hands.”

According to Oluwaseun Elesho the convener, second Ikorodu division legislative “We want to thank God for the success of this debate and basically, those who came in for this debate, we can see that people have engaged themselves, the contestants have engaged themselves, if you ask questions from them they will is now left for the people who have heard them to take the decision to elect based on what they have heard. We have created this platform for them so they can engage the people that want to represent them. People have often made that mistake of concentrating on the executive alone.”

He added that “We are using this medium to to tell people that the executive is necessary but the legislature have a role to play, a serious one for that matter and we hope that our people will understand this. I want to indulge or beg our people to go out and collect their PVC and ensure they use it to vote. I use to tell people, if you live in a community and you don’t vote, you are only short changing yourself and your children, because government will not know the electoral power of that community. Please get your PVC and vote.”

According to onikuto sodiq abiodun,”I am representing the new Nigeria people’s party and I am running for the position of Lagos State House of assembly Ikorodu constituency 2. I will appreciate the organizers of this event for pulling off this amazing event to have honourables that are willing to represent their constituency to come out to read out their manifesto to people and understand what they have for them and to reiterate on some of the content of the manifesto which is boiling around adequate collaboration with the constituency to have adequate annual or biannual meetings in the constituency in other to ensure that we have feedback from the constituency on how to go about the development of that constituency.”