The Ogere–Remo born grassroots mobilizers and influencers, Prince Taiwo Olanrewaju Onadeko and Prince Kehinde Oladipupo Onadeko, have both asserted that it is an icing on the cake, if the good people of Ogun State and all residents, especially technocrats and artisans, re-elect Prince Dapo Abiodun for the second term.

The Omoluwabi Twins, as both fondly called by political associates and the mass electorates made this remark during an interative session with journalists in Abeokuta.

During the no-hold-barred press chat, the Transport Scientists stressed that the BUILD OUR FUTURE TOGETHER AGENDA’ of the Governor has placed the gateway state on the world map and made her a beautiful bride among the comity of states in Nigeria.

Taiwo affirmed, “the articulation and implementation of His Excellency’s agenda and the plethora of tactics employed have brought about insfrastrutural revival in the gateway state”.

While enumerating the myriads of accomplishments of the current administration in the area of works and infrastructure, Taiwo said, “in the last three and a half years,the journey of Ogun State under the probing vision of His Excellency, Prince Dapo Abiodun towards the ‘Building Our Future Together’ agenda has witnessed major and consistent progress in many areas of developments namely: infrastructures, social welfare and well being; education and Human Capital Development;Youth Empowerment, Job creation ,Agriculres and Food security, known by the acronyms, ‘ISEYA’.

In his own submission, Kehinde emphasised the infrastrural investments in all parts of the gateway state,stating that the implementations have brought lease of life and that they are people-oriented and transformational with profound multiplier effects on socio-economic development of the entire state.

Kehinde enumerated specifically, the major investments on insfrastrural strides: *”more specifically, His Excellency, Prince Dapo Abiodun has delivered standard roads construction. For instance,over 80 major roads and others (Federal roads inclusive)totalling 400km have been constructed, reconstructed and rehabilitated across the state at a record time.There is at least one road project in each of the twenty (20) Local Governments in Ogun State as I speak with you”*

The Ogere born Onadeko Twins further reeled out the concerted efforts of the Prince Dapo ABIODUN led administration in mass infrastructure and housing scheme:

“This Administration, without mincing words, in the last three years and six months has achieved more on road construction than previous administrations in Ogun State. This fact check is unprecedented. The administration has built more houses than all previous administrations, since the creation of the State in 1976,combined. The accomplisments of King’s Court Housing Estste , Prince Court Estate and Kobape Housing Estate all located in the Ogun Central Senatorial District are facts that call for re-election of His Excellency, the man of valour”

According to the much Identical Twins, “It makes a lot of sense to re-elect Prince DAPO ABIODUN so that he can complete what he have started and do more. The hands of Zerubabel has started and shall complete all these monumental projects across the State”

The Onadeko Twins, who both hold a Masters of Science degree in Transport Planning and Management , said the current administration have also raised the bar of education in the state to the next level.

According to them, “the administration of His Excellency, Prince DAPO ABIODUN has not also failed in providing opportunities for our children in the gateway state.Without a doubt, Ogun States maintains an enviable status as the Education capital of Nigeria. This assertion succintingly construed and consolidates on the legacy of unwavering investment in the sector. An instance is the renovation and construction of 956 classrooms blocks and other facilities in the public schools, including Special Needs Schools across the STATE”,

“Prince DAPO ABIODUN had ensured the provision of 25,000 tables and chairs for distribution to Public Primary and Secondary Schools. He introduced OGUN TEACH INTERVENTION PROGRAMME aimed at employing 5,000 interns to fill the Teachers-vacancies in Primary schools,Secondary schools and Technical colleges. Against all odds, he approved the clearing of backlog of promotion of 2016,2017 and also promotion of Teachers due in year 2019 and 2020 respectively”, they concluded.