The President of Epe Ogunmodede Club, Epe Lagos State, Barrister Omodele Ibrahim has described the All Progressive Congress, APC, Presidential candidate, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, as a personality whose phenomenal political will would advance Nigeria’s socio-economic development.

The Alakoso of Epe Kingdom, while speaking with newsmen on the current state of the nation in Epe over the weekend disclosed that the political leadership pedigree of the former Lagos state Governor is unmatched in terms of capacity and passion to identify innovative ideas to solve national problems.

This, Omodele said, was evident in Asiwaju’s landmark achievements, especially with the Land Use Charge policy; a revenue generation drive in Lagos state which he championed as Governor.

“My knowledge of Asiwaju Bola Tinubu came up during the conception of the Land Use Charge and for me, it was one critical area where he demonstrated the ability to exude political will when necessary which is what Nigeria needs”

“To be honest, among the contestants, I see him as the one who has that ability and capacity to put a good team together. Leadership is not about the person that becomes the driver, all you do is give direction and he has such strong leadership acumen. I am biased and it is because I have worked with him, I’ve seen him at close quarters and he’s God-gifted in terms of his ability to exercise and apply that intelligence”

“What makes him more endearing is that he understands the mindset of the average Nigerian. Naturally, he’s not a perfect person but he has the connection and what he brings to the table is magnificent”

“And I do not think it is fair if a Northerner should do 8 years and another takes over, that would be a rotational Presidency, so, it should come to the South and we are doing all our best for Tinubu’s emergence,” he said.

The philanthropist who recently installed solar street lights in the Bado-Isale community in Epe disclosed that the current Naira scarcity which stemmed from the Naira redesign was ill-conceived owing to the refusal of the government to consider the multiplier effects on the masses, especially the vulnerable Nigerians.

He likened the situation to the socio-economic turmoil which was experienced during the COVID-19 Lockdown, stressing that it was disastrous for millions of Nigerians who survive on daily income earnings to be told to stay at home.

He said that the naira scarcity wouldn’t have worsened if it was made available to the daily income earners.

However, the situation, he said, has also instilled discipline in a section of Nigerians with their lavish spending culture at social gatherings.

“I take it that what the President and his team want to do is that they want to defeat money in this election so that there won’t be vote buying and that the people would be able to openly and genuinely vote their conscience but in the course of it, I expect that they should be able to see the balance and the net effect of what is happening. Even if the angry masses have orchestrated the protests, it is because the Government has laid the circumstances for it to thrive,” he said.

Speaking further, he disclosed that Tinubu’s health, fitness, and old age question has been practically laid to rest through the rigorous campaigns, visitations, and consultations the APC flag bearer has embarked upon across the nation.

While he said he doubted if he could embark on such trips, he also expressed stupefaction that Asiwaju has yet to show signs of being worn out.

“I wonder where that energy is coming from, today, he’s in Cross River, Yobe, Borno, Rivers state, and the likes. Joe Biden is 80 and he’s been declared fit to run for 2nd term. Some younger people can’t attempt such due to health issues. So, for me, as he appears, he’s quite strong”

“Also, anyone can make those errors he’s making, they’re just slip of tongue stemming from the pressure of the campaign activities. He’s hail and healthy,” he said.

In anticipation of the enabling environment which Tinubu’s presidency would portend, the former Land Use Charge Boss made a passionate appeal to the Epe elites and political class to forge a united front and bargain enormous people-oriented opportunities.

He added that the ‘pull him down’ syndrome and prevalent ethnocentric dichotomy must be eschewed by all means while also completely reengineering the leadership system.

“Asiwaju will create the opportunity for us to thrive but the issue concerning us as a people in Epe is that we need to be surgical inwards because there are some attitudes that are not working right for us. We have the intellectual capacity and human capital resources but we have not been able to harness these resources by coming together as one”

“As a geographical component under the IBILE concept, we are not putting our first eleven forward to negotiate better for us. That’s what we should focus on. It’s when we have a Commander in Chief like Asiwaju who has created the circumstances for us to thrive, that’s when we will excel and be prosperous within our geographical mass, then we will now walk the talk,” he said.

Reacting to the destructive protests which almost crippled socio-economic and academic activities in the town, Omodele empathized with the youths and the entire community and therefore appealed to them to exercise caution.

He admonished that they must not play into the hands of mischief makers and saboteurs by destroying private and public institutions which are pointers of the community’s collective progress and development.

He added that the brand of Tinubu is already resonating all over the country which has become an added advantage for the party.

He assured that his victory would portend prosperity to the youths and thus encouraged them to vote en-masse for the APC come February 25th.