Green Janitors Celebrates 3rd Anniversary, Appoints Green Ambassadors ~Ajasa-Info


Green Janitors celebrate her 3rd Anniversary with Green Dinner at Acrhbisop Akinde Christian Event Resource Center, Bariga on Saturday, December 17th, 2022.

Leaders with outstanding performance in supporting the environmental course in Lagos State were recognised with an award, and outstanding volunteers of the year were given certificate of an Award.

DR. FEMI GIDADO Member Board of Trustees, of Green Janitors in his welcome speech “I warmly welcome you to this year’s Green Dinner, where we look back to the course of the entire year, our activities and impact on the environment as well as how to improve in the coming years.”
“Taking a peep into the inception year, Green Janitors was founded on the vision and belief in a sustainable environment, which I can tell you is a global issue as discussed during the COP26 Summit Glasgow,2021; Sustainable environment through impeccable hygiene propagation, proper waste management, Carbon reduction and inter-continental cooperation (and in our case; interagency collaboration).”
“All these are what we’ve worked on over the course of 2022. We had ticked a lot of boxes from inception to this moment, even at the height of the pandemic, we still managed to keep forging ahead, and we will continue to strive and thrive to achieve a greener and more sustainable environment.”

Mr. Ashade Abdulsalam the Executive Director of the Green Janitors in his opening remarks “The passion started a decade ago, but officially translated into a youth led registered Non Governmental Organization (Green Janitors Sustainable Initiative) in 2019.

We are celebrating three years of Green Impact as Green Janitors, we appreciate everyone who have helped us through this journey.

Poorly managed waste is contaminating the world’s oceans, clogging drains and causing flooding, transmitting diseases, increasing respiratory problems from burning, harming animals that consume waste unknowingly, and affecting economic development.

We have been closing the gap of proper waste management. waste management is everyone’s business. Ensuring effective and proper waste management is critical to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals, Green Janitors have been helping to solve this gap through our projects Pick the Plastic, Beyond Recycling, Campus Recycling Champions, Youth4Nature.

He added “We hope to do more in the coming years with the help and support of our passionate volunteers and sponsors.”

Mr. Mobolaji Ogunlede RAK Special Adviser to the Governor of Lagos State on Special Duties and Intergovernmental Relations in his own remarks

“Your level of quality work remains unprecedented in our society, your selfless humanitarian services, your focus on innovation is fabulous and it has lightened a spark in the minds of everyone in this state.”

He added “They said work smart, not hard Well, they are wrong. You work both hard and smart. That makes you the best.
I want you to know that you’ve done an excellent job and we’re all proud of you. Celebrate this moment.”

Mr. Damilola Emmanuel General Manager LASWA in his remarks he talked about collaboration “As for me as well even beyond the collaboration for me it is relationship that really matters, I say relationship because I have relationship with him even outside the congress and that is why it makes it easier to work.”

“While I was leaving home, I thought of it that why do I really need to be here today despite every other things I need to do, I thought of it that it will take relationship for me to be here today.”

“We know how much plastic affects the water ways for example and you will be amazed by how long this plastics can live for so long in the water ways , affecting the aesthetic the green Janitors are doing well enough to eradicate these things, I will implore everyone of you to support them.”

Chairman of the Day: Hon Mobolaji Ogunlende RAK, Special Adviser on Special Duties and Intergovernmental Relations, Lagos State Government.

Special Guests/Awardee: Mr Ibrahim Odumboni
MD, LAWMA, Mrs Bola Adewumi
Deputy Director, LAWMA, Mr Damilola Emmanuel
MD LASWA, Arese Lucia Onaghise
Executive Secretary, FBRA, Hon. Oluwadamilare Samuel Kafisewon MD, FIA Homes, Hon. Hammed Salawu Dullar Executive Chairman, Shomolu Local Government, Hon. Kolade Alabi David
Executive Chairman Bariga Local Government, Rtn. Alozie R. Nsirimobi President, Rotary Club of Gbagada.

The following members were appointed as Green Ambassadors at the Green Dinner due to their contributions towards sustaining and protecting the environment

1. Ekwueme Divine Adaeze – Team Lead, Ikeja
2. Ganiyat Abass – Lead Advocate CRC-LASU
3. Comfort Olafare – Team Lead Ikorodu
4. Bababusola Oluwaseyi – Team Lead Akwa Ibom
5. Tolulope Omoyeni – Founder,Green Minds
6. Mosope Coker – Team Lead Yaba
7. Daud Lukman Kehinde – Team Lead Oto Awori
8. Abdulhameed Musodiq Adeniyi – Coordinator, Campus Recyling Champions, LASU
9. Bello Sheriff – Team Lead Badagry
10. Oyeboh Olamide Suliat – Team Lead Lagos Island
11. Aishat Opeyemi Babatunde – Team Lead Epe
12. Akibu Mutiat – Team Lead Ibadan



…Seeks Attitudinal Change On Disposal of Refuse
Residents of Lekki and Ibeju-Lekki Local Council Development Areas, have been advised to acquire waste bins for packaging their waste pending evacuation by the PSP operators.

The Managing Director/CEO of the Lagos Waste Management Authority (LAWMA), Mr. Ibrahim Odumboni, counselled members of the public during stakeholders’ meetings in different Council Secretariats within the Lekki axis.

Odumboni, who was represented at both events by LAWMA’s Executive Director of Finance, Mr. Kunle Adebiyi, stated that a major cause of waste migration and indiscriminate disposal is the non-availability of bins in most homes, warning that abatement notices would soon be served on defaulting homes while prosecution follows early next year.

“Ownership of waste bins is a must for all homes and defaulters will soon get abatement notices, to be followed later by the prosecution from January next year”, he said.
The LAWMA helmsman also appealed to residents to change their attitude as recyclable waste is a source of income, urging Lagosians to cultivate the habit of waste sorting from source in order to reduce the volume of waste going to the landfills.

His words: “We have the mandate to visit all the 57 Local Governments and Local Council Development Areas of the State, and that is why we have come to your community, to sensitise and enlighten you on the importance of proper waste management. Effective waste management in your community can help prevent the spread of diseases such as cholera, typhoid, Lassa fever e.t.c. in your environment, hence, the need to have a bin in your homes, to shut out rodents getting in contact with your waste, and also to aid easy evacuation by PSP operators”.

Charging the Councils to mobilise the youths in their communities for local policing of blackspots and apprehending defaulters caught dumping waste indiscriminately, Odumboni pointed out that there is value in items discarded in homes, such as cans, papers, cartons, pet bottles, glass etc.


He advised residents to sort waste properly before disposal and use the PAKAM APP to request the pickup of recyclables.
In his welcome address, the Executive Chairman of Ibeju Lekki Local Government (LCDA, Mr. Sesan Olowa, commended the efforts of the Authority towards ensuring a cleaner environment, especially on the road medians, adding that the stakeholders’ meeting would bring a mutually rewarding benefit.

“I got the idea of Cleaner Lagos from LAWMA and decided to replicate it in Ibeju Lekki. So far, we have employed about 300 sweepers and 30 gardeners, who help in keeping our environment clean. Also, I have mobilised youths in the community to police blackspots and arrest violators caught dumping waste indiscriminately. These youths were specially trained by LAWMA on waste policing and arrest of violators”, he said.

Olowa added that the task force has been effective and defaulters are being arrested and fined appropriately.
On his part, Chairman, Lekki Local Council Development Area (LCDA), Mr. Bamidele Kasali, commended the authority for ensuring a livable environment, urging members of his community to appreciate the services of LAWMA by patronising assigned PSP operators and paying their waste bills promptly.

“I believe your visit to our community will be of benefit to us. I commend the efforts that LAWMA has put in place to ensure our environment is always clean. I also appeal to the members of the community to reciprocate the services of LAWMA, by ensuring that they pay their waste bills promptly”, he said.

In attendance were senior Council functionaries, traditional rulers and senior LAWMA staff including Assistant General Manager, Performance Management, Mrs. Bimbo Opayemi; District Head West II, Mrs. Tawa Oyekanmi and District Head East II, Mrs. Bola Adewunmi, among others.



The Managing Director/CEO of Lagos Waste Management Authority (LAWMA), Mr. Ibrahim Odumboni, has called on residents in the state to support efforts of the Authority to rid the environment of filth, by paying their waste bills promptly.

He said payment for waste services was very crucial to achieving the state’s vision of establishing a cleaner and livable environment, adding that no one was exempted from paying waste bills, regardless of occupation or societal status.

According to him, “We want to appeal to all residents in the state, to make it a duty to pay their waste bills. This is very important because the operations of service providers, rely heavily on people paying for waste services. As a matter of fact, nobody is exempted from this, including civil servants”.

“For the sake of emphasis, there is no section of the Civil Service Rule that exempts government workers from paying for services rendered by PSP operators. This applies to every other profession. We must take responsibility for the change we want to see in our environment. Anyone caught dumping indiscriminately under the guise of belonging to a particular profession, would be made to face the wrath of the law”, he said.


The LAWMA boss reiterated the Authority’s commitment to ensuring that every part of the metropolis was properly sanitised, adding that the agency had stepped up efforts to rid the environment of waste backlogs, through intensive morning and night operations.

He further stated, “We deploy thousands of sweepers, and waste collection trucks daily, across major routes in the city, as well as ensure that waste generated by tenements is taken care of, by PSP operators. We want to assure Lagosians that we will not relent on our efforts to make the environment cleaner and healthier for all”.

Odumboni said the Authority was also working with other sister agencies, such as Neighbourhood Watch and Motor Vehicle Administration Agency (MVAA), to check waste migration, a situation where some residents move waste generated at home in their vehicles, and dump it while transiting to another point.

Speaking further, he called on the populace to embrace the culture of recycling and waste sorting from source, which apart from saving the environment from plastic pollution, had numerous economic benefits.

He admonished residents to always bag and containerise their waste, while waiting for the arrival of assigned PSP operators, adding that the practice of waste containerisation would eventually help curb littering and indiscriminate refuse disposal around the city.

For complaints and inquiries on waste management issues in your area, please call LAWMA toll-free numbers: 07080601020 and 617.

Sanwo-Olu unveils Adopt-a-Bin programme with 40,000 Bins ~Ajasa-Info

Lagos State Governor, Babajide Sanwo-Olu on Wednesday unveiled the Adopt-a-Bin programme with an initial 40,000 standard bins deployed to households and commercial entities.

The Adopt-A-Bin Programme is carefully designed to promote effective waste management in the state, with emphasis on waste sorting right at the point of generation.

Speaking at the launch of the Adopt-a-Bin programme at Simpson Transfer Loading Station on Lagos Island, Sanwo-Olu said the gospel of waste sorting at source, is now gaining ground as individual pickers of recyclable items were increasing by the day and recycling firms springing up.

According to the governor, who was represented by the Commissioner of the Environment and Water Resources, Tunji Bello, “Today, we are at the threshold of another phase, in our Lagos Recycle Initiative, as we launch standard waste bins, for the “Adopt -a- Bin” project, which is LAWMA’s latest baby. The bins which come in two colours; the green for general waste and the blue for recyclable items, are for containerizing waste.

“These are not ordinary bins; but smart ones, built to last, and in accordance with internationally recognized quality standards. They are fitted with intelligent devices that enable tracking and identification. These unique devices also make it possible to register every single bin to individual addresses, for easy communication on issues relating to them.”

He said at the inception of his administration, they had a clear road-map of the journey to a cleaner Lagos city with sustainable environment, adding that in accordance with that road map, government had systematically unfolded its plans and strategies, one initiative after another, like the procurement of the 102 trucks and double dino bins; launch of Lagos Recycle Initiative, and now formally bringing “Adopt-a-Bin” project to life for homes, offices, churches, mosques, among others.

Sanwo-Olu said the whole essence of the standard waste bins was to simplify the process of waste management from the source.

“When you acquire the bins, you simply sort your waste and drop all recyclable items like cans, plastic, cartons, water sachet, etc. in the blue bin; while you drop the general waste in the green bin. The stability of those bins ensures easy handling by the waste collectors, who come around periodically, to empty them.

“While the PSP operators show up to empty the green bins, the recyclers come around for the blue, containing the recyclable items, which are weighed and recorded, until you are ready for redemption in cash or kind,” he said.

The governor appealed to corporate bodies, to incorporate in their Corporate Social Responsibilities, CSR initiatives, the adoption of communities, especially, low-income areas, for mass provision of the waste bins, while urging all residents, markets, schools, hospitals, among others, to play their own individual roles, towards achieving a constantly clean city scape and sustainable environment.

Managing Director/CEO, Lagos Waste Management Authority (LAWMA), Ibrahim Odumboni, stated that without any doubt, the launch of the Adopt-a-Bin Programme, would move the government closer to its vision of establishing an environment-friendly state, through best waste management practices.

“To effectively execute the project, we will be putting an initial 40,000 standard bins to households and commercial entities. The 240-litre bins, in green and blue colours, would be used for general waste and for recyclable items. They are smart and equipped with intelligent devices that enable tracking and identification.

“Among the several benefits of the standard bins are: safe containerization of waste; easy evacuation; reduction in the harmful activities of pests; as well as reduced city flooding among others. Waste management has gone beyond just picking up refuse and dumping them in the landfills, which are currently overstretched, going by the huge volumes of wastes being generated around the city on a daily basis,” he stated,

Odumboni added that the Adopt-a-Bin programme would promote sorting of waste at source, a key ingredient in the state government’s recycling and circular economy drive.

“People should know the economic value of what they call “waste” because it’s not waste until you waste it. I must add that plans have been concluded come 1st of April, 2022, organized Estates and Commercial facilities would continue to pay the same amount of their waste bill should they separate their waste from source.

“In the same vein, should they fail to separate from source, their bill would be reviewed upward by 15% to accommodate the fee for sorting at the point of disposal,” he stated.

The LAWMA boss emphasised that this became necessary for them to support the drive and initiative of separating waste from source, “as we cannot continue to endanger our environment. Any estate and commercial premises that do this would be certified as compliant and environmentally friendly.”

Odumboni also appealed to corporate bodies for their CSR to adopt whole communities, especially low-income ones, for mass provision of the standard bins, as he had no doubt that this initiative would help the government achieve the environment of its dreams, which is a cleaner, healthier and livable Lagos.

Goodwill messages were delivered by the MD First City Merchant Bank (FCMD), Mrs. Yemisi Edun; president of the Association of Waste Managers of Nigeria (AWAMN), Mr. David Oriyomi; rep of Food and Beverage Recycling Alliance (FBRA), Agharese Onaghise; and others.

Also in attendance were the permanent secretary, Office of Environmental Services, Dr. Omobolaji Tajudeen Gaji; SA to the governor on Drainage Services, Mr. Joe Igbokwe; representative of the oba of Lagos, HRM. Oba Rilwan Akiolu 1, Chief Ismail Folaji; and the management of LAWMA, among others.

Folashade Kadiri (Mrs.)
Director, Public Affairs

23rd February, 2022

LAWMA Begins Fumigation of Landfills ~Ajasa-Info

Lagos Waste Management Authority (LAWMA) has commenced fumigation exercise at various dumpsites in the state, starting with the Solous landfill at Igando, to make the sites safer for waste management operations, and reduce health risks to the communities where they are located.

This was made known on Monday by the Managing Director/CEO of LAWMA, Mr. Ibrahim Odumboni, who said that dumpsites played critical roles in the waste management chain, paving way for the attainment of the Authority’s vision of establishing a consistent cleaner environment.

He said, “Dumpsites are crucial component for the delivery of Solid Waste Management (SWM), as they serve as final destination for all solid waste collected from residences, businesses and public spaces. They also support the protection of sanitation and public health.”

Odumboni stated that the fumigation exercise, which started yesterday (Sunday) at Solous dumpsite, Igando, would be extended to other dumpsites across the metropolis, to protect immediate and surrounding communities where the sites were situated.

“The goal of this exercise is to protect the public, and minimize the negative impacts of this sites to the neighbouring communities. Already, several mitigation measures have been put in place by LAWMA. These include, leachate and stormwater infrastructure, periodic capping of non-active sections, traffic management, monthly fumigation of the dumpsites and immediate environs”, he said.

The LAWMA helmsman pointed out that, due to their intended use, the initial locations of dumpsites in the state, were far removed from residential communities, before rapid population and urban expansion resulted to these dumpsites being surrounded by residential communities, commercial establishments and other sensitive land uses.

He expressed the Authority’s unalloyed commitment towards protecting public health, and minimising the discomfort which might be caused by the dumpsites to neighbouring communities, adding that the agency planned to close the dumpsites in the near future.

He appealed to residents to shun all practices capable of having a negative on the environment, such as indiscriminate disposal of waste and refuse burning, which was hazardous to public health.

For inquiries on recycling and waste management related issues in your area, please call LAWMA toll-free numbers: 07080601020 and 617 (for GLO users).

Folashade Kadiri
Director, Public Affairs


The Lagos Waste Management Authority (LAWMA) has warned the general public to be wary of fraudsters extorting money from residents under the guise of being debt recovery agents for the Agency.

A release signed by the Managing Director/CEO of LAWMA, Mr. Ibrahim Odumboni, stated that the Agency has not given any third party the responsibility of collecting waste bills from residents and businesses in the State, aside from LAWMA officers assigned for that purpose.

Odumboni said: “The residents should disregard any person, group of persons or firm, parading themselves as agents of LAWMA or Lagos State Government, assigned to collect or recover waste bills from residents. We say categorically that such persons or firms should be reported to the nearest police station, as LAWMA has not assigned the responsibility to any external individuals or bodies”.

“We are also sounding a note of warning to those criminals, masquerading as agents of the State, to desist from their fraudulent acts or face the full wrath of the law. We hereby restate for emphasis, that no other agency or organisation is mandated to collect waste bills in the State, except Lagos Waste Management Authority (LAWMA) officers duly assigned to carry out the task”, he added.

While assuring residents that the Authority would not rest on its oars in ensuring that every part of the metropolis is rid of waste, Odumboni appealed for continuous support through residents’ patronage of assigned PSP operators and prompt payment of waste bills.

He enjoined Lagosians to call LAWMA toll-free numbers: 07080601020 and 617, for all inquiries and complaints in their respective areas.