Sanwo-Olu/Ajegunle Mock Nations cup is set to hold between January 7th and February 19th 2023, which is to feature 42 teams they are bearing different African country names, it is promised to be as exciting as it used to be.

Mock nations cup has starred a lot of Nigerian players Emmanuel Amunike, Samson Siasia, Henry Nwosu, Stephen Keshi among other ex super eagles players.

A press conference held yesterday for the purpose of the Sanwo-Olu/Ajegunle Mock Cup to reel out the line up of the competitions, cash prices was also given to the winners of the last edition of the competition, team Angola who is the winner of the competition go home with the whooping sum of 500,000 naira while the second position, team Libya got the sum of 300,000 naira, lastly the third position team Benin Republic got the sum of 250,000 naira.

Coach Isaac in his opening remarks
“I am delighted being here today because of a fulfillment and that is, I want to tell you that when this competition was going to a draw four years ago, we have a contesting Governor who is now our present Governor coming to our rescue. We didn’t know if we would stay in the competition that year but he came to our rescue saying,”go ahead I will finance it” and he financed the competition. Though there has been some obstacles after then but he still came up to say,”is this competition dying, no it has to be revived”.

He added “But it has been going on, we have had series, including the league of vision after that year, one in 2020, 2021 except 2022 but one will be held this year with the support of our sitting Governor. I want to tell you that those clubs winners, first, second and third runners up, the promise made by our gentle man will be met today.”

Hon. Toyin Gafaar Director General Lagos State Sport Commission, in his remarks, Ajegunle mock tournament the 36th edition. I remember growing up, knowing to come down to Ajegunle to watch the football, that was when I first came across Taiwo okunluwanka knowing the history of the mock nation’s cup because it is ever exciting there is never a full moment starting from the day one to the last day.

Presentation of cheques

“I am still the Director of sports at the ICG and I was in 2019, that was my first assignment when we came in there and I made that recommendation. The Governor, the chief of staff and people who had a name in Lagos was also present and they also saw it and since that time they have been wondering and thank God today is the day of fulfillment, promise made is promise kept. You get your prices as at when due, we will not leave sport alone, sport will continue to flourish in Lagos. Like the saying, if you want to do more, you must definitely do more because the little that is given to us now, we expect that we will show appreciation in supporting him, in realizing the youths.”

“We should encourage him not only in prayer but to also take active steps in sports and politics because they are interwoven. By so doing, I hope we have a very exciting competition starting from Saturday 7th of January through February 19, I wish you all the best.”

Hon. Anthony Adeboye SSA on Sport to Mr. Babajide Sanwo-Olu in his remarks “Ajegunle started from some where 90% of all the players have played in international league in Nigeria are from Ajegunle, based and trained in Ajegunle. I am used to Ajegunle, I am not from Ajegunle but my youthful days are mostly spent in Ajegunle with my friends.”

He added “This mock nation’s cup in Ajegunle can not be compared to any football competition in Nigeria not even in Lagos State you have a hard-working governor a man that keeps promises, a man of the people, a man that wakes the youths from their slumber and he has made it known that sports is not something you can play with in this country. I want to plead to you that election is coming up, let us get our voters card and come out in masses and support an hardworking Governor also support our Leader to become the next President of Nigeria.”

Olorogun John popularly known as Daddy Showkey the Ajegunle star musician in his own remarks “When it started, it was just a little thing that started in our area that is beyond us We know the way it is now, right now all the countries will be represented in the preliminary, at the opening ceremony entertainment will surely be there and most of the time we discover new football artist, I also commend Hon. Ladi Balogun myself and him play a great role when this competition is dying also our special appreciation to Mr. Governor for coming to our rescue.

Hon. Abdoulbaq Ladi Balogun MD LAGFERRY also member of the committee I am passionate about my community and the youth development. I got the inspiration from Governor. Babajide Olusola Sanwo-Olu who is also committed to see the fulfillment of the growth of the young ones . He want to hand over to a generation that are already encouraged, motivated and well to do in the society and for us in Ajegunle, we don’t do crime, drugs or engage in fight.

Balogun said “What we are known for in Ajegunle is sports and entertainments. In these two areas, the governor has already dedicated the fifth pillar of his development agenda to entertainment , tourism and sports this is why you would see us Ajegunle playing a vital role in the overall calculation of the development in this dispensation as championed by Mr Governor, Babajide Sanwo-Olu.”

He said “I find myself asymmetrically in this equation because this is the vision the government of the day have for the youths, entertainment sector, and the sports sector to drive the economy of Lagos and that is why i have dedicated so much to my place of birth which is Ajegunle. We want to see things going well for us and that is why a competition that has been handed down to us by our fore bearers six years ago and we are in charge today,We want to see it grow to the extent that we hand it over to the next generation to continue the tradition of excellence in sports and in entertainments. That is why Sanwo-Olu/ Ajegunle mock nation’s cup is so excited that we are looking forward to a very good time having all the talented sports star around.

“This particular edition we are going to feature 42 teams and they are bearing different African name and the defending champion will be there. The most interesting fact about this is every community in Ajegunle and the other side of Lagos have one particular team or the other that they are supporting.

He added “When I was growing up, i grew up at Alaya bi agba area of Ajegunle in Lagos State and this area has their traditional team their cote d voire with the likes of Erinwosu Taiwo iyede, Monday dieka, they have also played in these communities before stardom, for us it is a community development and for us to see talents grow and to nurture talents into stardom. We know that the stars, that are going to be added to this competition are going to grow into stardom playing for the national team and also taking their football careers abroad, make themselves and their family comfortable.”