2023 Election: Rethink Inclusion Trains 40 Persons with Disabilities in Abuja and Lagos state ~Ajasa-Info


In order to ensure that there is an increase in the participation of youths, especially Persons with Disabilities, in the coming election, Rethink Inclusion in collaboration with Constitution Lab and the People with Oriented Policy and Good Governance organized a training programme for PWDs in Lagos, Abuja, Kano and Cross Rivers.

The programme which was tagged “Inclusive Election” was in phases, to include virtual and physical training. According to the convener who also doubled as the Speaker of the Nigerian Youth Parliament, Rt. Hon. (Dr.) Azeezat Yishawu, it is imperative that the voice of every Nigerian, including the Persons with Disabilities is heard in the coming election.

She further stated that it is most significant that we run an inclusive election which people with disabilities make up about 15% of Nigeria’s population and as Nigerian, they also have the right to vote and be voted for.
She stated “despite the significant population of PWDs, the rights of individuals with disabilities are often overlooked and not adequately protected. This is particularly true when it comes to their right participate in the decision-making processes of the country.”

“This is why Rethink Inclusion through the sponsorship of IVLP Grant decided to engage young leaders with disabilities in these four states to educate them on election procedures and active advocacy.”

The INEC officials who were in attendance in the four states trained the participants on the usage of the facilities provided by the electoral commission to ensure that PWDs vote during the election to include, braille ballot for the visually impaired, magnifying glasses for persons with albinism, and translator for the deaf.

According to the INEC officials, the commission is working in agreement with Section 54 of the electoral act 2022 indicating the need to ensure an inclusive election for PWDs, thereby assuring a credible, free and fair election.
The training sessions featured distribution of training manuals, shirts and braille manual for the visually impaired participants.

FG To Obasanjo: Don’t Truncate Electoral Process ~Ajasa-Info


The Federal Government has urged former President Olusegun Obasanjo not to truncate the 2023 General Elections with his inciting,
self-serving and provocative letter on the elections.

In a statement in Abuja on Tuesday, the Minister of Information and Culture, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, said what the former President cunningly framed as an ‘appeal for caution and rectification’ is nothing but a calculated attempt to undermine the electoral process and a willful incitement to violence.

The Minister expressed shock and disbelief that a former President could throw around unverified claims and amplify wild allegations
picked up from the street against the electoral process.

”Though masquerading as an unbiased and concerned elder statesman, former President Obasanjo is in reality a known partisan who is bent on thwarting, by subterfuge, the choice of millions of Nigerian voters,” he said.

Alhaji Mohammed recalled that the former President, in his time, organized perhaps the worst election since Nigeria’s return to
democratic rule in 1999, hence he is the least qualified to advise a President whose determined effort to leave a legacy of free, fair, credible and transparent election is well acknowledged within and outside Nigeria.

”As the whole nation waits with bated breath for the result of last Saturday’s national elections, amid unnecessary tension created by professional complainants and political jesters, what is expected from a self-respecting elder statesman are words and actions that douse tension and serve as a soothing balm.

”Instead, former President Obasanjo used his unsolicited letter to insinuate, or perhaps wish for, an inconclusive election and a descent
into anarchy; used his time to cast aspersion on electoral officials who are unable to defend themselves, while surreptitiously seeking to
dress his personal choice in the garb of the people’s choice. This is duplicitous,” he said.

The Minister reminded the former President that organizing elections in Nigeria is not a mean feat, considering that the voter population of 93,469,008 in the country is 16,742,916 more than the total number of registered voters, at 76,726,092, in 14 West African nations put together.

”With a deployment of over 1,265,227 electoral officials, the infusion of technology to enhance the electoral process and the
logistical nightmare of sending election materials across our vast country, INEC seems to be availing itself creditably, going by the
preliminary reports of the ECOWAS Electoral Observation Mission and the Commonwealth Observer Group, among other groups that observed the election.

”Therefore, those arrogating to themselves the power to cancel an election and unilaterally fix a date for a new one, ostensibly to ameliorate perceived electoral infractions, should please exercise restraint and allow the official electoral body to conclude its duty
by announcing the results of the 2023 national elections.

”After that, anyone who is aggrieved must follow the stipulated legal process put in place to adjudicate electoral disputes, instead of
threatening fire and conjuring apocalypse,” he said.

Segun Adeyemi
Special Assistant to the President (Media)
Office of the Minister of Information and Culture

Builder Deola Banjo Congratulates Senator Abiru, Rep. Babajimi Benson ~Ajasa-Info


Builder Deola Banjo Congratulate Distinguished Senator Adetokunbo Abiru “This is to congratulate my Senator that is doing good in 16 LGAs simultaneously in Ikorodu East senatorial district.”

“In less than two years, you have displayed capacity and uncommon love for the people. I have noticed that as a cerebral man and a former MD of a bank, you cut your teeth in human capital development, empowerment, infrastructural development and legislation which is your primary responsibility. There is no doubt you have done very well and your footprints in these regards are indelible.”

“That Lagos East have spoken and found you worthy of our votes once again is largely due to your performance in the past two years which you have been adjudged to make the most of.”

“Congratulations once again Sir. The good people of Ikorodu North wish you a successful tenure.”

In the same vein Executive Chairman of Ikorodu North LCDA Builder Deola Banjo Congratulate Rep. Babajimi Benson on his electoral victory for his third term re-election bid.

“That you came out victorious is certainly not surprising as you have performed exceedingly well to deserve your electoral victory. You have over the years set the pace and shown the way how things are better done. The entire division is unanimous in their trust in you and we are sure you will not let us down at any time.”

“I, Builder Deola Banjo, Executive Chairman, Ikorodu North LCDA on behalf of my Executives, legislative arm, management, staff and the entire good people of Ikorodu North congratulate you on this landmark victory of yours.”

“We wish you well in your journey of life and we want you to know that Ikorodu North LCDA stands solidly with you.”

Builder Deola Banjo
Executive Chairman
Ikorodu North LCDA



“Character is the garment that bestows our honour, or the reverse.” It speaks volumes, even when we choose silence. The narrative of character essentialism is not relative, and it is one of the few consistent across the human race.

Unless subjectivity becomes our guide, a man’s character directs our decisions about him and everything that concerns him. On that note, as much as I try, it becomes increasingly urgent that I lend my voice to his public humiliation, even if you won’t hear it but will read from it.

When DINO speaks, discerning minds ignore, or at best find amusement in, his display of empty context, value-eluded thoughts, and hustle-laden spirit. Not DINO, not him, never! He is off the list. He needs to be qualified, far from the class of those whose words and concerns would attract or court our attention.

We get content when DINO speaks; when DINO speaks, we are so excited that another uninvited entertainment creeps in very loudly; though it can be embarrassing, we will manage it along the flow.

Not you, sir, DINO, not you; you are far from the picture we would seek reverence from. Your days of paid relevance are long over.

If I were you, I would quietly find my way back to the Collation Center and wear a hat of respect and honour for the first time, at least pretend to have, hoping that Nigerians can pretend to forget your history of the meaningless character.

If you fail to heed counsel and succeed, along with other greedy, unguided minds, in fomenting chaos, it will surely be one case too many to overlook.

Grow up, and let us be in peace.

Barat Fadilu Ajibola

INEC Declares Tokunbo Abiru Winner Of Lagos East Senatorial Election ~Ajasa-Info


The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) has declared Senator Mukhail Adetokunbo Abiru of the All Progressives Congress (APC) as the winner of the Lagos East Senatorial Election held on Saturday, 25th February,2023.

The results declared by the INEC Returning Officer for the Lagos East Senatorial election, Prof. Simeon Adebayo Oladipo, showed that Senator Abiru polled 178,646 votes to defeat his closest rival of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP who garnered 80,249 votes.

Senator Abiru’s votes represent 61.4% of total valid votes cast.

Having satisfied the requirements of the law by winning majority of votes cast across the Senatorial district, Senator Abiru was declared winner and returned elected.

The Presidential candidate of the APC, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu also showed significant strength in Lagos East Senatorial District, having polled 149,685 votes to defeat his closest rival of the Labour Party, LP ,who scored 118,348. Thus, Asiwaju Tinubu won with over 31,337 votes in the Lagos East Senatorial District.

Senator Abiru wishes to thank all party leaders, supporters , well-wishers and the good people of Lagos East Senatorial District who supported and stood solidly by him throughout the campaign period and on the day of election.



We have got reports of friction in some parts of Lagos this morning. All is calm now.

There is no need for violence, which is not part of our culture.
I urge all Lagosians to go about their businesses without any fear of harassment. Law enforcement agencies have been asked to ensure that there is no breakdown of law and order in any part of the state.
I have been your Governor for almost four years, promoting harmony and friendship across ethnic and religious lines without any form of discrimination whatsoever.

Let us remain calm. All will be well. We are a peaceful people and so we shall remain.

Babajide Sanwo-Olu
Governor, Lagos State



Independent National Electoral Commission Ikorodu office, has declared Rep. Babajimi Benson the winner of the Ikorodu Federal House of Representatives Seat having scored the highest vote at the just concluded election which took place yesterday across Ikorodu federal constituency.

Earlier this afternoon, the collation officer Professor Victor Ariole announced Babajimi Benson as the winner of the House of Representatives seat in Ikorodu federal constituency having polled the highest votes with the total number of 60,890 while his closest rival Shittu of PDP scored the total number 15,966.Rep. Babajimi Benson reacting to his victory at the just concluded poll he said “I feel great, I give all thanks to God, I thank my family, my darling wife, I thank the leadership of the party, I thank Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu for giving me this golden opportunity, introducing me to politics, it is a very very good thing for Ikorodu federal constituency for giving me this overwhelming mandate again.”

Rep. Babajimi Benson reacting to his victory at the just concluded poll said “I feel great, I give all thanks to God, I thank my family, my darling wife, I thank the leadership of the party, I thank Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu for giving me this golden opportunity, introducing me to politics, it is a very very good thing for Ikorodu federal constituency for giving me this overwhelming mandate again.”

“The traditional institution stood by me, the journalists also did, the average person on the street, the victory is overwhelming, the affection, I have never seen anything like it,so I am extremely happy, very grateful and emotionally for the ringing endorsement, if you look all around Lagos, Ikorodu have done exceedingly well, I givr thanks to every one for acknowledging our modest efforts and for turning up to vote for us.”

“I thank everyone from the depth of my heart, the reward for hard work is more work, we still have an election in two weeks time and the sixty thousand plus need to rise up to at least a hundred thousand, I know we can do it, so once the Governorship is concluded, it means we have an unbroken chain, because I know Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu will also come out Triumphant, likewise Senator Abiru.”

He added “I have won and I believe the Governor and the Assembly will win as well and create that unbroken chain and that broom that symbolizes our party, that is set, Ikorodu will witness the dawn of a new era, as the saying “Ikorodu a di headquarter” Which means Ikorodu will become the headquarter, we are committed to make it possible, We must ensure that we paint Ikorodu APC.”

Hon. Toyin Gafaar, The Ikorodu Division Chairmen, Otunba Olasunkanmi Tijani, Mayor Deen Sanwo-Ola, Party Leaders, among other party faithfuls join Rep. Babajimi Benson at the INEC office to felicitate with him.

Kosofe Post Urges Citizens to Embrace Peaceful Elections, Vote for Best Candidates ~Ajasa-Info


The Publisher of the Kosofe Post (KP) and Principal correspondent, Bilesanmi ‘KOKO’ Abayomi, has called on the people of Kosofe to eschew violence and vote for the best candidates as they prepare for the Presidential and National Assembly elections scheduled for the weekend.

In a message to citizens, KOKO urged them to embrace peace and shun violence as they cast their votes for their preferred candidates.

He emphasized the importance of citizens going out en masse on Saturday and casting their votes for well-prepared candidates for the Presidency, Senate, and House of Representatives.

KOKO stressed that citizens must use the golden opportunity presented on Saturday to put an end to the Blame Game Syndrome (BGS) by voting for candidates who will salvage the nation from monumental failure and untold hardship.

In addition, KOKO appealed to citizens to shun tribesmen and idiot sets of people in community narratives and be good citizens.

He emphasized the need for citizens to do things the right way, obey traffic rules, drive within speed limits, respect the laws of the land, and not cheat in exams. If citizens are in government, they should not steal but promote projects that benefit everyone.

KOKO urged citizens to shun religious politics and vote for candidates based on their ability to provide good leadership or representation, without religious sentiment.

The message from the Kosofe Post is a timely reminder for citizens to exercise their right to vote peacefully and to select candidates who have the best interests of the nation at heart. It is hoped that citizens will heed this call and make their voices heard in a peaceful and democratic manner.



Southwest Youth Coordinator Mandate work for BAT organised STANDING OVATION for Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu in some strategic areas across Lagos State on Wednesday 22nd of February.

Moshood Afina the National Coordinator Southwest Youth Coordinator Mandate work for BAT shed more light on the STANDING OVATION for Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

“Our aim is to let people know that Asiwaju is a great man from the big city of Lagos, he has done a lot of good job on the mainland, Island, and Lagos in general including our present location in Oshodi, he has transformed it compared to how it was in 1997.”

“We also need to let people know that he’s a man that deserves a STANDING OVATION.”

“The STANDING OVATION took place in strategic areas in Lagos, our intention was to shut down everywhere also to showcase Asiwaju Tinubu all over Lagos State.”

“I am using this medium to appreciate Mr. Tunji Bello Commissioner for Environment, Lagos State for his words of encouragement and his support towards Southwest Youth Coordinator Mandate work for BAT.”

“In few days time we will be electing the number one citizen of this country, Asiwaju is competent and he’s the man for the job, He’s the one that can take us all from what Nigeria is now, that’s why we need to vote for him, with Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu Presidency a greater Nigeria is possible.”

Lagos Central Youth Rep. stands with the Nigerian Youth, and against any act of violence ~Ajasa-Info


Fellow Nigerian Youth,

The 2023 general elections pose a major leap in the destiny of our nation with another opportunity to elect our leaders. As young people the current electoral provisions enables us the best opportunities yet, to participate through the ballot and get our voice heard.

I urge you to go out in sacrifice on Saturday 25th February and Saturday 11th March to vote for our preferred candidates, without forcing any hindrence to the participation of other persons.

We may not have gotten it perfectly right in the past, but this and every other opportunity is a chance to make a choice about those we want to lead us.

The President is not the sole leader of the country, hence we should ensure to examine the candidates for the Senate, House of Representatives, Governorship and State Assembly, and vote our choice.

The Nigerian Youth Parliament stands with the Nigerian Youth, and against any act of violence or sabotage that will prevent the will of the people from manifesting.

Vote Peacefully
Vote Rightly

Abdulmumin Edidi
Representative, Lagos Central Senatorial District,
Chairman House Committee on Works and Housing
Nigerian Youth Parliament